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  • cure_time_varies cure_time_varies Sep 16, 2012 3:29 PM Flag

    GOP activists to Romney: Why aren't you winning?


    (They have no idea that it's not just Romney, but that the whole old tired kneejerk rightwing fact-free hatemonger schtick simply is not appealing to people who aren't wackjobs.)

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican activists are incredulous: Why can't Republican Mitt Romney seem to break open a tight race with President Barack Obama given the nation's sluggish economy and conservative enthusiasm to beat the Democrat?

    "He ought to be killing Obama, and he's clearly not doing that," said 32-year-old R.J. Robinson, one of the thousands of activists attending the annual Values Voters Summit this weekend. "He should be doing better."

    Added Mike Garner, a 27-year-old hawking "Reagan was right" buttons at the meeting: "If Romney loses this election, the party really needs to do some soul-searching."

    Their sentiments were echoed in interviews with more than a dozen GOP activists and social conservative leaders who attended the annual gathering focused on social and cultural issues and sponsored by the Family Research Council. The summit was filled with rhetoric meant to fire up the party's base voters.

    Romney needs them to turn out in force at the polls in November and, between now and then, to convince others to do the same through extensive get-out-the-vote grassroots canvassing in swing-voting states. But independents and swing voters show signs of not coming forth for Romney in the numbers he needs to win.

    Bryan Fischer, an official with the American Family Association, warned that if Romney loses, the Republican Party is certain to undergo a tough period. "Soul-searching," "self-reflection" and "tumult" were the words others used.

    "If the Republican Party loses this election, conservatives will have had it," Fischer said. "They will be done, finished."

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    • Look at the names these whack-jobs choose to describe themselves:

      Values Voters Summit

      Family Research Council

      American Family Association,

      It's hilarious. The GOP's stock in trade is: Lies, Hate, Racism, and Division.

      Righties either cannot see the hypocrisy in the names of their organizations or they're completely brain-dead. The sooner the GOP goes down the toilet drain, the sooner America can begin to heal the damage republicans have done to our country.

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