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  • kringle_2 kringle_2 Sep 18, 2012 4:43 PM Flag

    Romney Campaign On Life Support, Now #$%$ Off 47% Of Americans


    You, are a fool.

    The GOP has become an extremist, racist, hateful and traitorous organization. Romney & Lyin' Ryan are stupid and arrogant enough to put those disgusting GOP characteristics on display for the entire world to see. Today, only brain-dead right wing sheep, like you, think the GOP has any future at all. RIP GOP. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of racists.

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    • Kringle, I think everyone on this board now know you are a paid poster.

      How can you say such lies if you were not paid to post.

      Many people on this board have not made up their minds. But when they see the slurs out of your mouth they are thinking twice. Just like myself.

      Who should I believe kringle? You or others who think otherwise from your crap and do not attack the oposition.

    • Look in the mirror. I don't see any of this garbage from the repugs, only the domorats. Get off this board you paid a hole.

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