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  • laylow1991 laylow1991 Sep 21, 2012 5:04 PM Flag

    To appoligize to any country that kills Americans...

    Is a damn shame. What side is he on?? Our military is being held hostage to the enemy while their commander in chief is so sorry for the termoil in the middle east. It's all our fault??? Right!!!

    He is giving a green light to do what they wan't to our troops.

    As a veteran of two wars I would tell him to go to hell. I would also stand down from any missions and never turn my back on the so called trained soldiers of the other side.

    Shoot them if they look crosseyed.

    Blast any car or truck that comes near you. Enemy or not, they should know better. Women or children that approach you should be suspect. Kill them. They also should know better.

    We have lost too many americans because we are too trusting.

    I lost 5 friends to this terror type of fighting.
    Tell your commanders to go to hell if they tell you not to shoot unless shot at. That is how you will lose your life.

    Be the warrior you were trained to be and take no crap from anyone, unless you want to return home in a drapped coffin to your loved ones.

    Most senior officers, Major and above want one thing, medals and advancement at your expence.

    AS I did in my first war, I stood toe to toe to a General and told him in no uncertain terms to go F himself when he wanted to send myself and fellow troops on a suicide mission.

    We stood down and let another group take the mission. They had 85% of the group killed or wounded.

    It took two years after that to have my ER report changed in my favore.

    The General, 5 months later, was killed along with 8 others in a helicopter accident due to his adament need to fly in terrible weather.

    Sorry, but I'm a little emotional when I hear out troops being killed for what?? You tell me.

    God bless all our troops who have been killed and wounded in the name of freedom and not appreciated by their Government. Only to say were sorry to the enemy.

    It's discusting to me and my fellow soldiers. F them all!!!!

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