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  • shaggys_deputy shaggys_deputy Oct 1, 2012 3:44 PM Flag

    I Voted for 2 Reagans, 4 Bush's and a Dole, But His republican is Voting For Obama...Here's Why...


    Romney is too rich for America. I continue to read about how he has used every loop-hole in the tax book to protect his $350 million dollar estate. It is really disgusting to the average American, including myself.

    Reagan was not against the little guy in America. He championed the middle class and pushed forward to a tax increase to help lower the deficit. What I see in Romney is more tax cuts for the millionaires and billionaires, nothing for the middle and lower classes.

    I believe Obama deserves a second term. No denying it. Obama inheritied a mess created by both parties over many years, and is helping to dig us out and make thing better for all Americans.

    So you ask, What has Obama done to earn this Reagan Republican's vote?

    For one he got Bin Laden! Yes it was the SEALs that pulled the trigger. But it was Obama that gave the final go ahead and get him. Without his order to go in there and get him he would have still be free to kill Americans.

    He ended the Iraq war. It was McCain that said he would stay in there 100 years.

    He is ending the war in Afghanistan...

    He passed the Affordable Health Care Act. Yes, I have Medicare. But as an American I want ALL Americans to have good healthcare too. No longer will Insurance companies be able to exclude children with a pre existing condition to be excluded later in life.

    He passes Wall Street Reform and looking to regulate those thieves even more. I haven't forgotten my 401K and other investments losing half there value when the market tanked under Bush. My investments are doing great under Obama.

    He saved the auot industry. Something Romney was willing to let go bankrupt and let the people like Bain Capital pick their bones clean and walk away with the profits and allow the workers to be tossed to the taxpayer funded PBGC......That's the norm for Romney.

    He is protecting the Environment for all future generations from dirty energy pollutions.

    He is pushing for alternative fuels so we quit enriching the people that would use that money to kill each and every person in the free world.

    I could go on and on. When I voted for Bush in 2004, I made a similar list before I voted for Dubya, and it was not nearly as impressive. But I still pulled the lever for "W". I also voted for McCain/Palin, but now very much regret that decision. I will be voting for Obama in 2012 and the Democrats for the first time in my voting life.

    To paraphrase my hero Ronald Reagan, "I did not leave my Republican party, they left me." I cannot vote for a party that is simply there today to protect the billionaires like the Koch brothers.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Where's Chuckie?

    • another lying left-wing loon who thinks o'screwball walks on water, now go out and buy your depends for tonights debate

    • shaggys_deputy,

      Was that Koo-Aid grape or cherry? You forget that the GM and Chrysler did go BANKRUPT. Ford survived on their own through bold leadership and some good luck.


    • who are you kiding.......lib dem donkey all the way......koch =soro's = jobs=streisand=bloonberg

    • I hope you, George Soros and Media Matters are happy with what Obama has done to our country. It's been 4 years and unemployment is higher, more people are on food stamps, our credit has been down graded, we have scandals in the GSA, Secret Service and AG departments, earmarks and lobbyists rule the WH and Obama is too busy golfing and hob-nobbing with Jay-Z, Beyonce, SJP and Clooney to even attempt to govern. He got his clock cleaned by Romney in the debate because he now has a record of failure that even he couldn't defend. He's happy to rail against Romney wanting to cut funding to PBS. News flash: PBS is profitable, it doesn't need or deserve tax payer money: we're broke!

      By the way, Obama is also rich. The way the government wastes our money I'd be disappointed if Romney didn't use every loophole available to him. He can spend it better than Obama: Solyndra, SunPower, Fiskar, etc.... How is Barry doing prosecuting the Wall St. villans he's always ranting about? Zero convictions, not even on Corzine who bilked investors out of billions. Oh, that's right, he's a dem who supported Barry. I'm concerned about how Obama spends MY money, not how Romney spends HIS.

      Obamacare is a joke, he front loaded the goodies and the taxes and other "problem items" won't hit until after the election. Premiums are going up and more will hit the exchanges as employers dump them.

      As far as Bin Laden, the Bush interrogation techniques that Oblama was vehemently opposed to, are what led to his demise. Anyone in the WH would have given the order, it would have been idiotic not too.

      The ecomomy sucks, history shows that the worse the recession, the strong the recovery. Look it up....."V"-like recoveries are most prevalent following deep recessions...but not this time. With Barry's Obumblecare, massive regulations and anti-business policies, we're mired in recssion and fear of what he'll do next.

      Colossal failure!

      • 1 Reply to cutecolgateguy
      • "..Look it up....."V"-like recoveries are most prevalent following deep recessions...but not this time. With Barry's Obumblecare, massive regulations and anti-business policies, we're mired in recssion and fear of what he'll do next. .."

        We didn't have a severe "V" recession - we dodged a Depression. With the housing Crash and market drop Americans took a huge cut in a time when they were carrying imprudent amounts of debt. Deleveraging became consumer's central concern.

        Don't be suckered by the Republican "trickle down" nonsense - business investment is in response to demand. "Trickle down" is a cover story for the redistribution of wealth upwards and looting the economy. The money doesn't create US jobs in any number unless you are a Mercedes mechanic. Most of it goes to offshore accounts, offshore investments and jobs, and shocking consumption mostly of imports.

        Consumers have been paying off high interest rate debt and in most of the country housing has bottomed out. So we see consumer spending trending up, demand trending up, and recovery in investment and jobs as a result. The EU's and Japan's problems weigh on our economy too, dampening exports in spite of the government's export drive. A lot of bubble jobs aren't coming back as well - only re-inflating the bubbles would do that, perish the thought. With the drop in housing and tax collections, many states are still sinking in debt. It's easy to say they shouldn't have the obligations they do - and they shouldn't - but then they don't govern the borders either.

        US medical care over all is a crony capitalist bubble bought in Washington. It takes up 17% US GDP and growing. Insurance companies alone take up over 4% US GDP of that. It employs 1 American in 9. It doesn't even work that well - US life expectancy is around #50 according to the CIA World Factbook online. Since employers are involved the costs are even higher from the expense and distraction to them. Another such bubble is Finance. Medical care and Finance between them are eating 1/4 US GDP and drag recovery. That 1/4 was bought in Washington, not in any market place.

        What's "massive regulation"? Congress is so dysfunctional now that bills have thousands of pages of trash written by lobbyists in the interests of their employers. Why blame that on Obama? It wouldn't change under Romney, it would get worse. The only fix is a Constitutional Amendment about money in politics. It's a dire necessity for our country, though unlikely. The chances go up if we get Obama's re-election and a Dem super-majority in the Senate.

        Romney's crony capitalism and plutocracy are not capitalism and markets and historically a road to outright failure. So he is profoundly anti business in reality. Obama is not. If you make investment decisions on what you think ought to happen in politics you will loose your shirt but that has always been true. Good luck.

    • you are a mutha f'kin pos

    • Shaggy`s deputy....

      I couldn`t have said it any better ..... I too was a Republican from 1973 until 1998..... than I decided that there was major problems with where the GOP was going for the right I was....

      And as for Obama --- he might have blown the debate but that doesn`t neglect the fact that he was cool and very methodical in going about handling the auto collapse... taking out binLaden.. and focusing on alternative energy ---

      No President since FDR has taken over the WH and had more crisis dumped in his lap on the very first day in office.... NONE.....

      And as for the Republicans ---- How many times have we heard promises of smaller government, smaller deficits and yet of the 2 main Repub Presidents in the last 30 yrs - Reagan and Bush Jr - we have seen the exact opposite as they grew the government, ballooned the deficit and both crashed their economies.....

      There is something wrong with your operation when with 16 yrs of power you have 2 major economic crisis that takes years to correct..... and we are not seeing any Republican step up and admit that fact....

    • You forgot because he's a bluegum piece of dog crap.

    • Leeping Lizzards. Stand up and take a bow.

    • "He saved the auot industry. Something Romney was willing to let go bankrupt and let the people like Bain Capital pick their bones clean and walk away with the profits and allow the workers to be
      tossed to the taxpayer funded.."
      Don't look now but they did go bankrupt. Under government control with union collusion and cronyism while many were left out. And we the people are still stuck with the bill. How many Republican Auto dealerships were screwed? How many suppliers were screwed? Come on Gomer, stop with the Huffington Posts.

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