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  • flashywildwest flashywildwest Oct 5, 2012 9:50 AM Flag

    ST JOKE OF THE DAY : 7.8 EMINPOLYMENT hahahahahahahahaha,,, is the game rigged Mr. President

    DO U BELIEVE THIS ..?????????????????...I DONT........

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    • While in college I took a course in statistics. Must say it was one of the hardest courses I ever took, but I did learn one thing, you can come up with any numbers you want if you just juggle the numbers. When the BO administration decided to throw in the numbers from people that are unemployed and asked what they were doing now, BO's people considered them employed if they did any thing in the world of employment like: baby sitting; yard sale; e-bay sale; own yard work; or any thing else that could be considered employed.
      This is cheating big time.

    • Well, unemployment, the CPI, and even the GDP have been manipulated over the years by every administration of both parties. So Americans always think things are better than they are. The Obama one hasn't apparently done as much of that as most of its predecessors.

      Remember, the US didn't just dodge a Depression, there are a number of economic bubbles that burst as well. For example, maybe Bush II was responsible for the subprime Crash, but not the overarching housing bubble. That was Greenspan charging negative real interest rates for years on end. He was praised to the skies by politicians of both parties until he wasn't. He was mostly responsible for the import bubble that so distorted Main Street and originally made Walmart as large as it is. There are now Americans, especially older ones, who will never work in whole job categories that have gone away. They have gone down market - the work for cash economy has grown off the books.

      Further, investment and jobs are created by demand. "Trickle down" is a scam. In the year or two after 2008 Americans took a one third hit in net worth. That's huge and unwinding debt has been their main concern - not contracting more. That has been unwinding, especially credit card debt is being paid off. Looking at past recessions is no guide to what happened after the 2008 Crash.

      So you may not like it but employment has increased while there are still a lot of people around with shadow jobs and no jobs or no prospects. This administration has helped with their export drive and work to cut the unsustainable US trade deficits. Romney has no answers apparently except to continue to loot the economy with "trickle down" or "supply side" schemes. He can only add to the "country risk" his party has added to investing in the US.

      Romney has a difficulty. He has to retain his Republican base while appealing to the voters in general. They are not compatible so he needs to be as vague as possible. Yet his vagueness seems to conceal nothing - it's real. It reminds me of Pelosi's bitter sarcasm about having to pass a bill to know what was in it. We have to elect Romney to find out if he has a platform or idea at all?

      That's far too much of a chance with far too much of a downside. There's no reason to chuck President Obama and he has no alternative anyway. If we get a Tea Party House again they would battle Romney almost as bitterly as Obama. They need to go out behind Romney. The times and the world are too dangerous for the Confederates, Looters, and No-Nothings to run the USA.

      We need to say to the Republicans, "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me."

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      • I think we were fooled 4 years ago. Hopefully we've learned something. This administration is filled with liars and cheats who hand out our money, like candy, to political cronies. They buy votes with handouts that we can't afford. It's pathetic. Now they massage the unemployment numbers right before the election.....wake up America!

    • Hmmmmmmmmm! Seems like all the new fast food joints and supermarkets have helped. It's good they left the tough intellectual jobs like engineering to the Russian and Chinese and Korean Communists. And let's not forget the Germans and Japanese capitalist workers.

    • nov. 2 = 7.1 %. MAO and CO = CROOKS

    • Yes I believe you cannot spell

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