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  • jbhdallas2000 jbhdallas2000 Oct 6, 2012 3:04 PM Flag


    Unemployment down, stock market up, auto industry strong!sounds good to me! Why change?

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    • Now that the stock market is sky high, how does that benefit people on food stamps, or those who have lost their homes? Few people own stocks these days. It's only for the top 1%. Auto industry? I own a USA car, a Pontiac, and wish I had bought a Toyota instead. I recently stuck over $2000 into it to repair the transmission, fix the brakes, and repair the instrument panel. And it has only 50,000 miles on it after 8 years. And you wonder why people in the USA go broke? As for unemployment! Don't you read? Close to 50% of new college graduates cannot find jobs, the USA is $16 trillion in debt, the value of derivatives out there is over $200 trillion, 25 million are unemployed, 47 million are on food stamps, 50 million have no health insurance, and 60 million are on Medicaid not Medicare. USA capitalism, bah!!!

    • Tax cuts. The rich don't care about unemployment. They outsource everything and make a fortune on the cheap foreign labor. The stock market, they make money the old fashion way, friends with tips. And what do they care about the american auto industry. When is the last time you saw a really rich person driving a caddy or lincoln. Get me my porsche or mercedes, and wipe your feet before you step in my car. Tax cuts, that is all they care about. The rest is nothing but side shows.

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