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  • barry_h18 barry_h18 Oct 22, 2012 4:22 PM Flag

    LIBYA-GATE: OBama's Waterloo


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    • President Reagan was the unintentional (benefit of doubt) booster of Hezbollah due to his fumble in Lebanon when you explore the rise of terrorist organizations.
      The arming of the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan (Bin Laden) and then walking away after the Soviet forces withdrew left the vacuum which Bin Laden and the Taliban exploited to the fullest which ended with the World Trade Center attack.
      G.W.Bush and Cheney continued the fumbling with the invasion of Iraq and a 10 year idiocy.
      Now you want to do what? Elect a Mormon Bishop to convert the Middle East, you cannot be serious.

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      • and YOU want to continue a communist Muslium to destroy the American culture? May you all go down with him the whole 47% of you faggkin takers voting for your hand out. I'd hate to be you when those earning it have had their fill, all the libs are anti gun, that could be a bad place to be in once the working class has had their fill of your Godless attempts at control and redistribution, remember "when you can pry it from my cold dead fingers then and only then you can have it"

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