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  • usaf_ghost_rider usaf_ghost_rider Nov 22, 2012 8:39 AM Flag

    Chicago mobsters are nicely ensconced in DC running the country (into the ground)

    While quite a few of Obama's Chicago mob are either in prison or heading to prison:
    Rod Blagojevich (Obama was his campaign manager) - serving 14 years
    Jesse Jackson - two federal probes - likely to serve 1-5 years

    Obama's backyard remains ripe with corruption - according to Dept of Justice data there have been 1571 corruption cases against politicians in Chicago since 1976, ranked #1 in the United States. CBS calls it "the most corrupt city in the nation"

    Liberals are afraid to even mention the city's name these days. That’s because liberals fear that the very name of the city of Al Capone, Mayor Daley, Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama has become shorthand for dirty politics and redistributionist economics. We know this because “Hardball” host Chris Matthews, MSNBC’s thrill-a-minute leg man, has taken to the airwaves to warn his fellow progressives against the GOP’s use of the city’s name for precisely that purpose. Well, what other city has such a rich history of corruption? Where else have city officials called in Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam for peacekeeping missions in high-crime neighborhoods?

    Big city redistributionist politics like Chicago’s have produced spectacularly awful results such as shattered families, gang wars, urban blight and massive debt.

    The state of Illinois, with a budget deficit of $44 billion –worst in the nation – and unfunded pension liabilities of $83 billion, is in a race with liberal-governed California for the worst credit rating of any state. Standard and Poor’s downgraded Illinois’ bonds even while praising Democrat Gov. Pat Quinn for having raised personal income taxes by 67 percent and the corporate tax by 9.5 percent, according to the Wall Street Journal. High taxes, incidentally, are not a magnet for job creators, so more downgrades in the near future would not be unexpected.

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    • Putting Obama in that rogue's list is just sleazeball writing. So is "Obama's Chicago mob". It's all so dumb it's not even wrong.

    • You are judged by the company you keep and have kept.

    • You righties are full of chit.

      The real thugs, the incompetent imbeciles who nearly murdered America's financial future are the extremist republicans. Beginning with arch-criminal Richard Nixon who ran a burglary ring our of the White House basement. He finally resigned in disgrace in order to avoid being impeached. Many of Nixon's criminal underlings were rightly sentenced to federal prison.

      Then you have ronnie, The "B" Actor, reagan who, thankfully, slept through much of his term, otherwise he would have caused even more considerable damage to our country. There were the illegal arms sales to Iran (thanks ronnie, we needed that). Then he went on to destroy unions, dismantle our much needed regulatory bodies, setting up the huge financial fiasco that centered around our Too-Big-To-Fail banks (thanks again ronnie). His legacy of gutting regulatory agencies and furthering policies that made it possible for most of America's wealth to be funneled into the bank accounts of the greediest sleazeballs in America rather than benefiting the country as a whole.

      George w. bush, the nitwit who set the standard for total incompetence. bush excelled at one thing: commiting war crimes. Along with the criminals in his administration, bush needlessly attacked Iraq, starting an unnecessary war that would cost 5000 young American lives, along with maiming countless others who will never again live a normal life. Countless lives were ruined by the little man, bush.

      george w, bush also continued the gutting of our regulatory agencies, dismantling them where possible, crippling them, otherwise. And bush set up, through brainless tax cuts to the nation's greediest #$%$, the greatest transfer of wealth, from the bottom to the top, in America's history. Thanks to bush/reagan policies, America's middle class has been devastated, thousands of Americans are homeless, countless seniors have lost their retirement savings in the market collapse, the housing market is in shambles, more families are in poverty, and America's entire future is at risk. Thank you, george w. bush, you lousy #$%$.

      Today, the most ignorant segment of our population, the GOP base, is still trying to elect politicians who want to continue the raping of America. Through puppet extremist groups like the Tea Boogers, American Crossroads, etc., all financed by traitorous slugs like the Cawk brothers, the greedy rich republican mobsters are still trying to get control of our government in order to steal even more of our country's wealth.

      It is the REPUBLICANS who have run our country into the ground.

      The only solution is to get rid of GOP puppets through the ballot box: vote these greedy, incompetent pigs out of office at every opportunity.

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      • Not even one mention of Bill Clinton in your little rant there? The one who said "I think everyone deserves to own a house" and proceeded to force the banks to give out bad loans by subsidizing the risk for them, on the backs of the taxpayer. Bush saw this problem, and asked the congress 17 times to stop this massive problem, and he was blocked all 17 times by Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. The majority of Democrats in Bush's last 2 years, including Obama as Senator, blocked everything Bush tried to do.

        Bush was no gem, but but he was not even close to the cause of the financial/housing melt down. Republicans are not totally clean from this either, but they are not even close to the only responsible party for the meltdown. No matter what the Republicans did to regulation on the banks, they sure as phfuck didn't SUBSIDIZE THEIR RISK like your buddy Bill.

        Stop blaming Bush and Republicans for Clinton and the Democrats' major phfuck up of subsidizing risk, especially since Bush was blocked by Democrats when he tried to stop it.

        There is so much wrong with what you said, it's amazing. I'm not even going to waste my time with the rest of it.

    • They forgot to mention the Senator Dick Durbin, almost as bad as Prince Harry Reid.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • State and local government unfunded pension liablilites are major problem nationwide. A recent JP Morgan study put unfunded pension liabilities for states and cities at 3.9 trillion dollars. Why, because governments have not kept up with the proper funding. Why, because in one state for example a republican governor used what was suppose to go into the fund for tax cuts and delayed and cut the proper funding for some time. The job creator stuff is a fantasy, the not proper funding of pension funds is a reality, a reality that now is out of control with no real solution in sight. Wall street and both republicans and democrats have really screwed things up, not your mobster tales in chicago. Anything any of those you specifically mentioned did is pennies compared the nationwide disaster wall street and stupid greedy state administrations did that contributed to this problem.

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