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  • drakewon1 drakewon1 Dec 23, 2012 5:20 PM Flag

    Republicans are backwards minded, the country is against your HATE movement.

    -Why didn't Bush make his presence known for Romney during the lets see because he #$%$ up the economy and all educated Americans know that. Romney made sure bringing up Bush was a NO GO. YOU REPUBLICANS #$%$ UP THE COUNTRY, and President Obama is doing what he can to fight your hate coalition.

    -Most Americans are against your HATE movement. Rich/Middle/Poor
    -67% of High End earners agree on Higher Tax rates for themselves. (SUCK ON IT REPIGS)

    -President Obama is in the Class of FDR and LINCOLN for his accomplishment despise dealing with do nothing congress that cant stand the fact a Black Man is running the country.

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    • Just another example of an uneducated ignorant socialist democrate to be ignored

    • drake - Why do liberals hate so much? Why so racist? What's up with that drake? Is it the koolaid?

    • sdmiller4747 Dec 24, 2012 6:46 PM Flag

      It's unfortunate that the communist media have manipulated the public view. Even Hannity and O'Reilly are more timid towards the Radical Left since they were reprimanded by their bosses. Murdoch is feeling the heat from the left and now he's taken some steps to calm those radicals on the Left. Capitulate my a s !

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      • Hannity and O Reilly are angry racist white men who think "their kind" own the country. GUESS WHAT their kind if being left behind.

        -They are talk radio bullshiiiit that represent the minority which has no values and are HYPOCRITES.

        -All redneck states take in more welfare than blue states...look it up pigs maybe you will #$%$ next time you talk about entitlements.

        -Heathcare for all is "socialism" well Americans want to survive in case you didn't notice even if they are poor.

        -Hopefully fox news gets shut down for being a hate organization.

    • if your talking about gays in the military and legalized pot in wa and co. , your right....I hope your kids grow up next door to gay pot smokers...

    • "SUCK ON IT REPIGS"..............."a Black Man running the country" - drakewon1

      and you accuse others of being hateful and racists.............nothing like liberal hypocracy - you're laughable.............expected nothing less from you..............

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      • You REPIGS are the most racist cult. If you watch FOX news my point is quiet clear. You PIGS are not accepting a black man for president. Learn respect and honor the president who has accomplished more than Bush did in 8 years in 1 week.

        -O RIELLY


      • ~and you accuse others of being hatful and racists.......nothing like liberal hypocracy........~

        No, not really. What he is actually doing is calling them like he sees them. You sir, are an old worn out racist whose time has come and gone. You troll with your racist nonesense than bump it using multiple aliases as if anyone with any common sense would never even know the difference. At your age you're just a pathetic excuse for an bitter old man whose pathetic life has boiled down to trolling for attention on a stock message board all day and night.

        *****For those planning on retiring in the near future there's no better place than to spend it right here on the Ford message board trolling for attention. Why spend those retirement years traveling enjoying life, or spend those cold winters in a warm climate playing golf with your peers when you can spend years and years, and every awake hour right here trolling for attention and being all dysfunctional.*****

        Now that's some sound advice for those looking for something to do in those golden retirement years. (ROFF)

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • I really don't care what you think, I just wish you would go back to where ever you came from. We surely don't need you here spewing shyt we have enough @sh holes on this board new guy....SoGFU.........

    • obama is the hate movement. He hates the oil companies, coal companies, banks, big business in general. He hates the rich, the entrepreneurs, the successful - he hates the "haves" and he lets it be known for all his followers to jump on the hate band wagon...............He has divided this country like no other.........his campaign was one run on negativism and hate..........

      and you wonder why there is so much hate in this country - it started at the top.......this is obama's transformed USA..............pathetic - isn't it?

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      • Truth=Negativity (To Repigs)
        The biggest fraud in American History=Mitt Romney
        Sorry being soft on someone who hides his money, ships jobs overseas,and has no respect for middle class Americans was hard to do since Obama stands for middle class.

        Repigs like yourself need to wake up your racist, hypocrite nonsense, hate message is being left behind. You rednecks created outsourcing and consist of the most uneducated people. Bottom 15 states in Education all red states for Romney.

        Obama 2012 Foward!!!

        Repigs go backwards your hate is being ignored!!!

        Hilary 2016!!!!!

    • Lincoln was a Republican. Republicans always have been and always will be the party that frees slaves from Democrats.

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      • Lincoln was a Republican Not todays Modern day KKK tea baggers that call themselves Republicans. Dont get the 2 mixed up pig your dealing with history.

      • As most people know, the "Dixiecrats", nominal Democrats, all became Republicans when the 1960's era Civil Rights laws were passed by Democrats. Most of the South became solid Republican. Unfortunately that, along with Nixon's Southern Strategy, meant they became a dominant faction in the Republican Party.

        People too easily forget that the '60's era Civil Rights laws simply restored voting and other civil rights that all Americans have to black Americans in the South. So the local sheriff, the Bull Connors, couldn't beat them for nothing and the night riders couldn't show up and burn their houses down at 3am. Eisenhower turned out the troops to enforce Brown vs Board of Education in Little Rock because he was the Supreme Commander in Europe in WWII and knew the American spirit the then-segregated black troops had and the sacrifices they made. Then they came home to Jim Crow.

        You know all that but apparently have no shame at all. The Whig Party elected a couple of Presidents but disappeared just before the Civil War as it could not accommodate the growing north-south divide. The Republican Party of today needs to disappear into history for similar reasons or the core Confederate states including Texas need to go their own way - this time no one would argue. The US needs a real American center/right party and an Amendment to cut the institutionalized corruption of Washington.

    • If you don't like it, LEAVE, DipSchiet!!!

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