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  • pclarke67 pclarke67 Dec 23, 2012 6:33 PM Flag

    we don't need machine guns to hunt deer.

    were i live it some times sounds like the charge of the lite bergaid.a six shot pistoe to defend the house a shot gun that hold maybe four shot for hunting ,a 22 that has 6 shells in the clip for wood chucks or porkpines, this is what it was like in my time.We had no volient movies,no killing vido games ,and it was unheard of school shootings.metally off people were in hospitals.not on the streets,and my uncle thought Elvis ,should be in a straight jacket.1940-1955.and any body useing the four letter word was run out of town.I think we need to return to those days.woman wore skeerts men wore pants. you could tell them apart women had long hair and the men regular hair cuts.and every thing was made in the usa. you had a job after 90 days for life.your grocery bill was 35-45 dollars a week for five people.your house payment was 75 dollars a month your car payment about 42 dollars a month you had wind up windows ,you could hug the motor which look like one do your own work on the car ,after the last car payment (3years later )you bought anew car .the other one was all rusted out.,used cars went for 50 dollar and up.

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    • You should probably find out what exactly defines a machine gun before you go and make idiotic comments like that.

    • sdmiller4747 Dec 23, 2012 9:32 PM Flag

      Yeah that's right! But I'm near sighted and can't distinguish certain colors. So when a deer bolts from the woods I like to spray the entire area with gunfire from my AR-15. That always guarantee's my 7 point white tailed buck. Works everytime. If you're a real hunter like me and my family you'll take this advice and use it wisely. Huntin season was over a few days ago but I think there's still time to bag one more before winter sets in down here.

    • shwdl Dec 23, 2012 9:29 PM Flag

      We need machine guns down here in TEXAS we have lots of deer to kill.

    • Deer hunters can and do use semi-automatic rifles, which is fine.
      Fully automatic (machine guns) are not available in this country. We have 2000 gun laws.

      The only possible way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

      The total cost of providing security for our schools is less than what Obama gives to Islam in Eqypt alone.

      Insane Democrats say it would cost 25 Billion to provide security to schools. Why? because they hate kids.

      It would be about 1.3 Billion, less than a 3rd of what Obama gives to Islam in Egypt.

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      • Guns in the wrong hands will kill.Having a police state at a kids' school will not stop a determined and hateful killer. What can a guard do if he was getting a cup of coffee while an intruder gets in? So; instead of 20 kids killed there would be 15?
        The solution is a long process of educating people the good from the bad and eliminating all of the violence in movies, TV's games and sports.
        As for Egypt; the 1.3 billion investment saves 100's of billions if we had to invade. Remember Iraq & Afghanistan? We have killed (during our invasions) millions and destroyed the lives and properties of millions others based on lies. Worst of all; we claim that we are good Christians. Lies and killing are just 2 examples that we have violated our own 10 commandments.
        Merry Christmas; pal.

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    • Bless your heart. You are dreaming about the years between 1955 and 1960. Today we have too many gov't rules, regulations, taxes and unions.
      You forgot one thing about that period. You could go to bed at night with all the doors opened or unlocked. Today we are prisoners in our own homes. The last thing you do before bedtime is to make sure all the doors and windows are locked. And we still call this the land of the free.

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      • yep, obama has transformed and divided this country. He has pitted the have nots against those who have. obama has pitted the have nots against corporations - for corporations are not people and against the rich and against entrepreneurs for they are evil. Success is taboo and if you do not wanna work then don't - obama will subsidize those to stay home.......and will suck every ounze of their motivation and self worth......don't work, stay home, drink beer or even go to washington state and smoke legal pot............the great life......

        Welcome to obama's USA..................isn't it wonderful?

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