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  • trattles trattles Dec 27, 2012 2:42 PM Flag

    Fiscal Cliff brought to you by President Obama

    If for some reason the US goes over the fiscal cliff, there is only one reason and that reason is President Obama!
    President Obama has failed to do his job. President Obama has told the House republicans that he will not negotiate, no matter what they propose! Obama is his infinite whatever is perfectly happy with taking the country over the cliff.

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    • The fiscal cliff was brought to you by over thirty years of tax breaks. You don't lower the top tax rate from 72% to 35%, continue to spend more and more money each year, and expect it to go on forever. You also don't close loopholes to get that rate and then sneak them back in years later. Thats the kind of games the republicans play, and now we are all going to pay, big time. Sooner or later the time comes when the credit card runs out, and just as important is the fact that the bigger the debt load the more it costs to carry that debt. The tax breaks should have never happened to that extreme since we all knew spending was never going to be cut to that same extreme. The last time the top tax rates were that low was in the late 1920s and guess what happened then. Maybe some of our republican representatives should go back to school and study history, instead of spending all their time in their expensive suits on fox news.

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      • You cannot tax your way out of this! Spending cuts have to happen!
        Obama does not want to cut spending!
        Where's that surgical scalpel that Obama said he would take to the budget in order to cut spending? Another Obama lie! Where's the budget??
        The Obama care health care bill will cost thousands of private sector jobs in itself!
        Obama wants another stimulus package to put more money in the hands of Americans, but then he want to penalize the job creators!
        You continue to believe the lies that Obama spews!

    • You KNOW thats not true.....typical GOP tactic.

    • rswestbound66 Dec 27, 2012 4:38 PM Flag

      Your a Rebubic #$%$

    • cansomeonetellmenowpls cansomeonetellmenowpls Dec 27, 2012 3:36 PM Flag

      such baloney... Obama has already negotiated a lot. Republicans in the house just said "F YOU" to the nation and told the SENATE to pass something.... the republicans seem to have trashed the CONSTITUTION which states clearly that all bills regarding spending ORIGINATE in the house. It is very simple.... they just need to pass SOMETHING. if it's bad, it won't get through the senate. But at this point, they haven't passed ANYTHING! In fact, they've fillibustered their OWN bill!

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    • Show's that Obama only cares about Obama and his political agenda, no cuts in spending but wants more revenue so he cans spend more!

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