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  • laylow1991 laylow1991 Dec 28, 2012 7:56 PM Flag

    He comes back to Wash. with the same uncompromising, pig headed ideas. My way or the highway.

    This is why we should go over the cliff.
    Washington was at one time a Govt. that knew how to compromise and pass laws to the benefit of the american public.
    Not anymore.
    It's intimidation and attacts on anyone who disagrees.

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    • BO's compromise still sounds like to me, "My way or the highway".
      This ain't compromising.
      Socialist idiots know only one thing-SPEND.
      Spending is one thing, wasting is another. Socialists believe in wasting.

    • As usual, accusing your opponents of your own sins, Southern Style. Unless you mean the Republicans......

    • We should start by cutting the "sacred cow" budget by 50%. at over $700 billions; our defense budget is the root cause of our debt. All what it did is give a reason to start wars to try out our new weapons. Create a special department for building infrastructure.
      Use the savings to create real job market. Cutoff the entitlement & the unemployment extra benefits. The ones whom don't want to work after 12 months should be sent to the department of infrastructure. At least we can drive on better roads and those cars would last longer.

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      • Bush II did double the military budget, that's true. His administration is looking in retrospect like one big "Starve The Beast" attack on Washington (search on the phrase)..

        But there are other drains also, bought in Washington.

        There are endless expensive subsidies to corporations many going back decades that never seem to expire. Start with 'A' for Agribusiness.

        There is everything connected with medical care. The US spends 17 1/2% US GDP on medical care and increasing. Of that, 4+% US GDP goes to insurance. If the US spent 12% like other Western developed countries US life expectancy would go up, we would have Universal Care, no employer involvement, and spend around $800 billion a year less based on a US GDP of $15 trillion. We're talking Single Payer and a mixed care system like Medicare, not a Socialized care system like the VA or the UK has. OF course the US has some centers of excellence, but we are overall being taken to the cleaners.

        Offshoring to some degree is inevitable and the US has to move up market in many ways. This is 2012. The world is a competitive place. But multinational corporations buy in Washington tax breaks to export themselves. While brain-draining the world is a privilege, the US worker visa programs have such high numbers they are really about cheaper labor here and technology export. In fact, young Americans are being chased out of STEM occupations and the corporations use that as an excuse in Washington to import even more.

        The Deep South, 145 years since the Civil War, stays a social and economic fossil enabled by our money. Do you really think the Republicans will terminate the expensive government programs and subsidies that implement that arrangement for their present core constituency?

        The whole US was still solvent in 2000 but was a financial basket case by 2008. Again search for "Starve The Beast". Then reflect on all the actions of the government 2001-2009 including taking a dive in the trade wars and borrowing the trade deficit money back (cumulative deficit 2001-2009 was over $6 trillion).

        In 2008/9 the US government was left purposely bankrupt. The financial fights in Washington do not address where US money is really going. The institutionalized corruption of our bipartisan political Pay-To-Play system is too dominant for that.

        So the Republicans are now concentrating on snuffing Boomers to save money though that won't save the existing arrangements of money and power for very long. Who gets thrown under the bus next?

    • it is gangsterism. mafia outfit

    • See you all on the other side. Hell, like I've said "I don't even care anymore". just do it..............

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