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  • longpickuptruck longpickuptruck Jan 1, 2013 11:19 AM Flag

    Seniors should scream!!!!!

    There are many more seniors than there are people working for Minimum Wage. Dept of Labor stats says only 1.7% work of MW, many times this of seniors on fixed incomes . State and Federal politicians force MW up to accomodate those few which drives up the overall cost of living.
    Seniors on fixed incomes, MW drives you deeper into poverty and I never hear a peep out of you. If gov't is going to mandate wages then they should be passing a law that when MW goes up your fixed income goes up. Seniors we should be a hell-of-a-political force, but we are not.
    Most unions have in their contract if the gov't raises MW then unions wages are re-adjusted to compensate for MW increase.
    Seniors I am ashamed of you for just sitting back and letting gov't walk all over you.
    Wake up.

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    • I thought AARP are in the seniors corner. Seniors pay in millions and millions for them to represent seniors.
      But I think they pushed for obamma care.

      This extra cost will increase your medicare costs and impact you all on fixed income.

      By the way, for those with existing conditions, your cost will be much higher under obamma care.

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