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  • ddsert787900000 ddsert787900000 Jan 7, 2013 9:34 AM Flag

    OBAMACARE was a LIE Premiums up 20%


    In some states and more to come. Obama and democrats should be IMPEACHED for this lie.
    Over and over again they lied to the american people. This is going to wipe out the middle class. US SENATE Will be voted out like the plague

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    • The insurance companies have been increasing premiums every chance they get.
      Insurance companies are private concerns are they not?
      Since the Affordable Care Act has not taken affect as yet why don't you write the Insurance companies?
      The criteria as always for education and health care you have to be well heeled to get the best care.
      The rich are not concerned about education or heath care it has no meaning to them or their families
      but they are concerned about the profit of insurance companies and increasingly awkward questions from better educated peons.

    • You are trying much too hard. Obamacare doesn't really kick in until 2014. Meanwhile medical insurance and expenses have indeed soared as they have for years. The US spent 17 1/2% US GDP last year on medical care and it will be up again this year. Where's the limit? 1/4 US GDP? 1/3? You do know that US life expectancy is now the lowest in the Western developed countries (ref - CIA World Factbook online)?

      Today we spend 1/4 US GDP on medical care overall plus the financial sector, both crony capitalist bubbles bought in the institutionalized corruption of Washington and the state capitols.

      You had better take care - the Republican remedy isn't to disturb their patrons. The medical insurance industry and its "paperwork" takes about a quarter of US medical expenses, a huge number - around $650 billion a year. The Republicans want to staunch the hemorrhage by cutting US life expectancy significantly (that means you) and sending even more money in vouchers to insurance companies. They actually want to snuff Granny for executive jets.

      True, they aren't lying about it. They are quite up front. If many old Republicans want to march off the cliff like lemmings - all the better in their view. If people ideally die in net worth order in their scheme, where does that leave you? Perhaps you need to think about that.

      Obamacare is complex and expensive because of all the junk in it it took to pass Pay-To-Play Congress. There are programs from Conservative think tanks like the Heritage Foundation and Romneycare. The Exchanges will likely work but won't save money, for example. We should see Obamacare as a way station to Single Payer - like Medicare for all, not Socialized care like the VA system or the British National Health.

      For your own survival, you had better hope that works out.

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      • Magoo, it passed under a Democrat super majority, with 0 Republican votes. I love how you try to blame Republicans for the junk in it, but it's just not true bud. And Romneycare was done by a state, and the 10th amendment gives states the power to do it. There is nothing wrong with a state doing what Romneycare does. There is a problem with the federal government doing anything like Romneycare with no constitutional amendment. They needed an amendment to ban alcohol for phfucks sake. Explain where article 1 section 8 gives the federal government the power to do what Obmacare does? The first law ever to force people to pay a fine because they didn't do something. The federal government can do absolutely anything it wants in this country, as long as 3/4 of the states agree, and clearly, 3/4 of the states do not agree on Obamacare.

    • I find it ironic that so many of the people who voted for it opt'ed out of it. And Obami gave them a waver for voting for it.

      Is this leadership???? Must be the New World order thing.

    • Somebody has to pay for Obama's Welfare people, who did you think it was going to be???

      America is about to laid to rest because of Moses. It's over, my best guess of course.

    • old news pal health care has gone up every year for ever no one knows how obamacare will effect anything till its been around at least a year only time will tell since rates have always gone up at new year has everytime for years

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