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  • razor4raz Jan 14, 2013 12:04 PM Flag

    10 cent Divvy...Whats there not to Like?

    Since i receive shares as a divvy if pps goes down i get more shares...if this 10 cent divvy existed in jan 2009 i would be rich.If share price goes up i am also a contented camper.Owning F shares is an investor freindly wise choice that is now ulcer free.

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    • There is a big increase in dividend bearing mutual funds.All this because of ridiculously low returns on income bearing funds.(thanks Bernanke) I think that`s another reason why they raised the dividend.So Ford stock would look attractive to fund managers.

    • Looks like volume choking off at this resistance level which means sellers are about gone at this resistance. Macro noise from D.C. however. GOP helped set those spending and revenue bills. Goons need to just raise debt limit and move forward.

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      • There is no teamwork leadership from the president, house, or senate leaders. They hate eachother...which is evident..... and there is not a bill clinton or a reagan to pull them together.....there is obama. Obama states how its gonna be....he announces for all to see and hear...... and off he goes.........there is no negotiating with the other side. BOTH parties are idiots and should be ashamed of themselves and for anyone to say which party they are for.....and say it with a flat out idiot. Debt is out of hand...i think its obvious.....and Obama is no Mulally.

      • razor4raz Jan 15, 2013 10:44 AM Flag

        well,there's an old saying,"nothing is guaranteed in this life except death & taxes"--i might add the manipulation of the financial world markets and any little lame excuse will do...and they will use it over and over again ad the greek fiasco.Everyday they throw out some lame excuse why the markets are up or down for the day.Both political parties are pretty much the same who are used as tools by the World Financial Elite...

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      • I can not see why they hold us hostage over the debt increase. They should not be paid until they get this Done. Ford would be up at least 50 cents more without this turmoil.

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