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  • mandan14shooter mandan14shooter Jan 16, 2013 2:32 PM Flag

    2013 Trucks. Good looking, but looks only goes so far.

    If you have to work out of them every day, you don't want a bed over 50" high. If you want a truck you can work on, you might want to buy an older one. The new ones don't hold up. You're fortunate if you get 100k miles out of a Ford tranny these days. Most people just drive them to work and haul some yard clippings now and then.

    i have a 78 and 79 Ford XLT half-tons. The bed height is 46". A tune-up consists of putting in spark plugs and a distributor cap. No computers and i can put five 16X7 fullly insulated steel doors up on the rack and drive down the freeway at 65 mph with no problem. Both of them have the 460/C6 Automatic combo and they are bulletproof. Both of them had under 50k miles when i bought them. The orange one i drive has 181k miles on it now and the engine still runs like a swiss watch and the tranny has only needed one fluid/filter change. i change the Pennzoil 10/30 every 9,000 miles, whether it needs it or not. No major expenses at all. The gas mileage is just a little less than my first 79 F150 with the 300 6cylinder, because the 460's never work hard. They love to cruise.

    My 77 3/4 ton F150 has a bed height of 49". A two-tone, dent free green beauty with 78k original miles. A garage queen that also has the 460/C6 combo. They're hard to find in nice condition, but they're out there. i recently paid under 3k for this one. She's too nice to go out on the job.

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