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  • ebud1984 ebud1984 Jan 16, 2013 7:06 PM Flag

    Did You See All Of The Executive Orders Against Hollywood And Violent Gaming Industry


    Phfucking ZERO!!!!! Gun Control-23 Executive Orders.
    What is wrong with the child obama?

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    • sdmiller4747 Jan 19, 2013 10:21 PM Flag

      If Obama doesn't care about the 2nd Amendment, why would he care about the 1st Amendment or any other amendment that stands in his way from achieving total control? Marxism is all about control over others. With all of the intelligence that has been gathered about Obama over the years, is it possible that there are still unsuspecting Obama dupes? As a senator from Illinois, before Obama was president, Obama was never allowed a security clearance to visit with president Bush in the Oval Office because of the senator's many ties with known radicals and communists. He was considered a high security risk. And because of his many suspicious actions, today, he would still be considered a national security risk by the Justice Department and the Secretary of State. That's if America still had a responsible Justice Department and Secretary of State. Fast and Furious, Benghazigate, would be enough to get previous President Richard Nixon impeached but not President Obama.

    • A US President has no authority over Hollywood or the games industry. Hollywood escapes on First Amendment grounds. Naturally, you guys think you know all about the Second Amendment and pay no attention to the First. Yet that's the only reason you are here, right? If it weren't for the First Amendment how many of you guys would be wandering around in the open without an attendant? You can be a total lunatic for years if you use a vocabulary considered political.

      The games issues have been mostly around minor's use of them and minors don't have all civil liberties. Films and games are age graded by their industries to head off regulation. The age grading always deteriorates with time and marketing. I understand that television shows more sex, violence, and street vocabulary than just a few years ago. Familiar corporate advertisers buy the time.

      Guns are the issue of the day for obvious reasons. The Colorado theater and the Connecticut massacres by nuts with guns make the risks of such aggressive force multipliers clear. There are a few posters here who sound nuts enough to show up in the news if they have such an arsenal though more likely they are just ROWG's (Raging Old White Guys). There are new generations of military weapons, often microprocessor controlled, that have a new level of lethality. They should not be loose in the general population where they would require arming, armoring, and training domestic police and vehicles accordingly.

      Are we going to read of people claiming to need armed remotely controlled drones to hunt rabbits? Do you think the Second Amendment covers that?.

    • sdmiller4747 Jan 17, 2013 1:56 AM Flag

      I believe violence can become a mild addiction when used by certain people or when viewed in motion pictures or on television by men and women over a period of time. Hollywood understands this so well. Hollywood producers and directors can easily exploit people's emotions with the power of violence that's in all of us. As viewers gradually become desensitized to a certain level of violence, Hollywood producers increase the level of violence, to a new level, in order to stimulate an increase of adrenaline in the body to attain a new level of adrenaline rush and mild uforia by external stimuli. I too am addicted to violent movies. Have you experienced a violent scene in a resent movie that was filmed in slow motion? Hollywood understands that by playing the scene at slow motion viewers are more inclined to release more adrenaline into the body for the maximum uforic effect. This effect can eventually become mildly addictive.

      As an adult I understand what is being done to me. But for children and younger adults, they do not understand the ramifications that a continuous external stimuli may have on their health,or at least their mental health, will have on them over a period of years.

      Be careful what you watch.

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