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  • backgroundchecker backgroundchecker Jan 26, 2013 12:49 PM Flag

    States with No State Income Tax


    States with no State Income Tax will see:

    1. Huge Population Growth

    2. Largest increases in Auto Sales

    Nevada, Florida will be the leaders.

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    • If you are a low income or a no income family you want to live in the highest income taxed states, you get a bigger bang for your welfare buck! Just look at the northern states and who they attract as citizens!

    • I would relocate to a 'no income tax' state immediately if I did not own a house that you can't sell at a reasonable price and it filled with too much junk
      You see it every day people trying to reduce their taxes, even Kerry parks his yatch in the neighboring state because taxes are less.
      The golfers, Tiger has relocated to
      Florida and Phil is talking about it. A million have already left California and many millionaires have lefte NJ.
      In the words of one employer, "The only way you can increase your bottom line is to cheat the gov't". If middle and lower class citizens computed their total taxes paid it is very close to 50%. Count up: Federal income tax; city taxes; county taxes; state taxes real estate tax; sales tax; a biggie-hidden taxes . . . .

    • Texas Alaska, & Arizona too, no State income tax.
      Total about 7 States that have no such tax.

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