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  • jdjejue84hdndndnd jdjejue84hdndndnd Jan 27, 2013 4:59 PM Flag

    Since when do Criminals follow laws?


    We already have very strict laws now look at ILL the murder capitol of the USA . BHO home state. The GOOD citizens of this country need to be left alone . Enforce teh laws you already have in place. Murder is ILLEGAL DUMMY'S

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    • You are so childish it is really hard to believe.
      What is the cause of all the killing in Chicago.
      Do you think that drugs and gangs might be trying to define some territory.
      I wonder who is buying the drugs, it could not be the pure and white boys and girls from the ghettos surely, surely not it must be someone else creating the demand.
      Get some facts on the victims and their killers and maybe we can find a solution.
      Stop this idiotic war on drugs all it has done at enormous cost is duplicate prohibition and the crime that accompanies such idiocy.
      Remember China was brought to it's knees by the Opium Wars and this drug war in the USA is a fiasco.
      My solution to the problem is the same that has been proven to work against violent crime all over the world.
      If you commit a crime using a gun you go to jail for life!
      If you commit a crime with a gun and someone is killed you are shot preferably by the Board of Directors and the Officers of the NRA.
      We are too liberal with the murderers and listen to the appeals for clemency forgetting the victims in our haste to appease the cries to abolish capital punishment.

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