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  • barackisacommie barackisacommie Feb 4, 2013 11:40 AM Flag

    Universal background checks.


    Honestly, what is the point? Lets say a criminal is selling guns out of the trunk of his car (illegally) to another felon (illegally), in lets say, Chicago (illegally). Will requiring them to get a background check stop them from making the already illegal transaction? No, obviously not. Now, I can understand requiring background checks for all gun purchases at gun shows, but other than that, what is the point?

    What exactly will it stop by requiring my law abiding neighbor and I (both legal CCW holders on top of it) to go waste time and money to get a background check when we want to buy guns from each other? Who was the last mass shooter that bought his gun from a private gun show sale or any other private sale? Most all of them were known to be crazy, but still passed background checks, and some just stole the gun.

    So maybe we should look at each shooting, find the common factors, and work from there, rather than pointless knee-jerk reactions that would do nothing but burden law abiding people.

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    • We need background checks on anyone running for public office!

    • NJ has universal background checks ... and it has 4 times the population of Alabama and proportionally half the gun violence....

      Will it stop criminals --- no --- they get their guns from down south --- Virgina, etc... -- Alabama just had a gun buying ring busted with a top HS teacher in it --- drug gangs paid a bunch of people to buy guns and ammo in various shops -- all you need is a drivers license.. 10 people times 10 guns each = 100 guns...and no limit on type....

      What the universal background check will do is break out the already certified mental cases --- of which most of the mass shootings that get all the PR are about....

      Besides when they ask you for 3 references like in NJ -- your 1 friend claims you didn`t rob a bank, your next friend says you didn`t beat your wife and your third friend says you like dogs.... BIG DEAL....

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