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  • dzeeman1020 dzeeman1020 Feb 4, 2013 1:20 PM Flag



    Looks like the Dems will be gaining big time in 2014 as they take back the House. The Repigs are in complete disarray with all of their infighting and America's disappointment in the obstructing from the Reich-wingnuts.

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    • This is the funniest thread on the world wide web. I can't stop laughing when I read the comments about the great job the dems and bho are doing ON America

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    • Us smart brown peples will vote often for are main man Obama! He takes care of us that need the help. That os why America be so grate!

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      • Just remember it was a Republican in forcing those state who had ceded from the Union also freed the slaves. He also proposed and the amendment 13 which did away with slavery. When it came to schools another Republican intergrated them by bring in the Troops and march the blacks where they had the right to be, End of segregation in schools. The Republicans name was IKE. Yet when it comes to voting over 90% of the Blacks vote Democratic. Just remember where and when and who was Presidents when your rights were given back to you it was not a Democrat.

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    • Let's pray not.......but if the Republicans continue their 1950 social views the younger voters will grow all up Democrats and they will be in control for a long long time, if they don't bankrupt the country in between.
      It is time for the Republicans to leave the doors to the bedrooms and exam rooms closed and promote equality and freedom for all citizens.

    • Deez what you and kringle_2 and others are saying you want a one party rule. So how will that be different than the goverments if you can call them that, In Syria, Eygpt, Iran, and old Cuba. That is what eventually one party rule morphs into. 66,000 persons have been slaughtered in Syria alone 18 months. You work for the goverment, you do as the government says or jail time and their jails are nothing but a torture chamber. I have voted for Democrats, and Republicans until a strong independent party can show it can really change things. In this message I do not have the answers no one has but one thing for sure this President is H bent to eliminate the Republican Party or make it so insignificat there is no opposition. I do not care to leave the great USA like that for my Children and Grand children, nor do I believe you do also. We both served this nation in a POS war called NAM. There was nothing ti fight for we lost, we lost 58,200 buddies. Iraq Obama wanted us out of there so fast he darn near violated a defense treaty. We now are importing oil from Iraq, they do have problems but so did we. They have completed two free vote elections, have a Constitution, have rebuilt the irrigation system that Saddam let go to H. Maybe it might go under to Iran. We did not leave themas we left Korea, Japan, Germany we still have at least 35,000 troops battle ready in all three of those nations, now what 73 years latter? How many of our people have we lost in Afganastan? Will we ever know. I am sorry I do not trust Obama never have never will. A man in the middle of crisis he leaves town. How many days has he worked full time in his office not air-force 1? Have a good safe day just what I do not like here. Unlike JFK, even Jimmy Carter he plays the blame game for keeps and that is not good. Thanks.

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    • shwdl Feb 26, 2013 1:47 PM Flag

      T he last time you idiots had the house 2006 you put the country in the ditch!

    • sdmiller4747 Feb 18, 2013 5:53 PM Flag

      Why are GAYS and LESBIANS always democrats? Not that I want any of them in the republican party.

    • Not going to happen demwit idiot

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    • obamathedestructionist obamathedestructionist Feb 4, 2013 6:43 PM Flag

      welfare ricky, where would you welfarecrats be without the demoloser vote buying programs. Time to cut the cord on you worthless losers.

    • Repubs will lose two more Presidential elections -- unless they rig it of coarse...

      --- They`ve learned the opposite of what they should have from the recent election --- the House brought back most of the repubs --- mainly due to safe districts that were gerrymandered a few years back.... So even if you have a majority of Dems voting you`ll still see a repub in the seat...

      -- And because of that situation --- we will see House Republicans still introducing bills to impeach Obama for being an alien or some such thing --- total off the wall batShitt stuff that will #$%$ off the national electorate....

      ---- The above situtation will lead to pent up disgust with the GOP during the interim years BUT will explode in to a national beating ---again --- during the Presidential election cycles....

      --- And it will be because of those future WH loses that the GOP power brokers will finally isolate and try to push out of office the Tea Party and the right wing nuts... and try to go more to center...Which --considering that they`ve already pulled the country to the far right in some cases just means that we will be more right than left...

    • Whatever you boys say. Everyone believes you.

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