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  • kringle_2 kringle_2 Feb 14, 2013 1:39 PM Flag

    #$%$ Cheney on Rose trashing prez and calling OTHERS second rate


    Yes, this piece of human excrement, cheney, was on television last night trashing our president and his choice of cabinet members. IMO, Chuck Hagel is worth at least a thousand cheneys. Hagel was fighting in the jungles of Viet Nam while the miserable coward,Cheney, was hiding behind FIVE freaking military deferments. And this disgusting, cowardly #$%$ thinks HE can judge Hagel?
    And the president has toe-jam that has more class and brains than ALL of the bush administration traitors.

    What a worthless piece of garbage cheney is. Passing judgement on his betters after he and bush-hole and the other war criminals caused the needless murder of tens of thousands of young healthy American soldiers in wars that were totally unnecessary.

    A donor's heart is a terrible thing to waste.

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    • Serving his country wasn't in his plans but making money off wars and sending other kids to fight became his career. I can't believe the media even gives this lowlife the time of day. I have lost respect for both.

    • #$%$ Cheney gives me the creeps. Always has.

      For Republicans - you lost, get over it. Actually you lost twice and the second time by an even larger margin. HELLO? Guess you guys missed the memo while using your crying towels.

    • You`re spot on about Cheney.He purposely help take the U.S. to war in Iraq over lies.He helped out a CIA agent.Both treasonous offenses.No doubt he got filthy rich of the war too.Nothing like blood money is there Cheney.The icing on the cake is that when he was a young man he got 5 deferments from military service during the Viet Nam War. No way was he going to spill his blood for the war profiteers.Cheney knew better.

    • I saw Cheney as well and it seems he and his daughter are trying to re write history for the sake of his legacy. Medical technology is a wonderful thing, until it benefits treasonous #$%$/s like Cheney. At least Bush has the good sense to keep his mouth shut.

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