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  • westervilleskid westervilleskid Feb 15, 2013 9:57 AM Flag

    Karl Rove: "Unyielding GOP Politicians Destroying The Republican Party"

    JOPLIN, Mo. (AP)- U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffetz flew home from Washington last week, leaving behind a capital baffled by Republicans like him in Congress: those who stubbornly refuse to compromise or even work with President Barack Obama, a tactic that many Americans, as well as a growing number of Republican voters see as the the total destruction of the Republican party.

    A pew poll taken last month among Republican voters found that 67 percent of GOP and independent voters would look favorably on a politician who compromises, and works to better the United States rather than obstruct the presidents agenda to get America back on track.

    In 2011, Chaffetz refused to budge on some of the most important issues in Washington. He voted against raising the debt ceiling, arguing Obama and the GOP conservatives weren't reining in entitlement spending even though many of his contituents are farmers who receive huge farm subsidies.

    The vast majority of economist siad had the debt limit not been raised it would have triggered a global depression at a time when the U.S. was barley standing on shaky legs. Last months, voted against the so called fiscal cliff deal because it involved raising levies on those earning more than $450,000 annually.
    Chaffetz also voted against aid for the victims of Hurricane Sandy

    The number of Republicans who wish the Tea party would just die off and fade away is growing. "There's no sense in falling on our sword and throwing the party out with the bath water just to destroy America," said Aaron Gabrielson, chairman of the Wasatch County Republican Party. " In the beginning the Tea party seemed to be a breath of fresh air and an alternative to the two party system. added David Dunn. But as the party progressed it was evident that it became the magnet for those that should be observed on a daily basis by mental health professionals.

    A Salt Lake City real estate developer, Jaren Davis, 53, a Republican conservative who owns a second home in Chaffetz area, sat in Chick's Cafe on main street and bemoaned the Tea party politics. "It just seemed for awhile that GOP candidates had to cater to the extreme wing to win an election."

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