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  • claimer439 claimer439 Feb 20, 2013 7:17 PM Flag

    Det news: Ford uaw slob busted for s*cking on a black d*ldo in public park


    Upon investigation, Sergeant Steve Allen with the Trenton Police Department located a Ford Fusion being driven by a 37-year-old Ford autoworker.

    Peering into the vehicle, Allen “saw a black colored d* ldo lying on the passenger seat.” During questioning, the man admitted that he was “sucking on a d *ldo.” He added, “I’m sorry.” As seen in the report, those quotes are rendered for some reason in capital letters.

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    • You are such a child. YOU added the part about it being a Ford worker. See how pathetic you are? There are not enough facts to support your views so you have to make up phony reports so that you can claim to have something to back them up. You think no one can check on your claim? Another demonstration of how little you know.

      sixpack2go and claimer439 are either both you as well or are just as sorry sheep, believing what you posted without looking into it.

      I know you like these kinds of stories and that they really interest you. What you like to read about is your own business, but when you embellish them (embellish means that you add things to it that are not necessarily true (necessarily mean with certainty) and are ficticious) you only demonstrate how desperate you are to have people think you have something to contribute, even if it is for the wrong reason. Time to re-evaluate your life.


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