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  • cure_time_limpwrist cure_time_limpwrist Feb 27, 2013 6:12 AM Flag

    Question: Where Can You BUY A President For 500,000.00?


    Answer: Organizing For America, Americas NEW and improved 501c3, taxpayer subsidized, Communist Front Group, will put you on a "Presidential Panel" with monthly meetings with ObaMao for a investment of 500,000 dollars.
    If only the worthless phfuck would put as much energy in to dealing with real Americans.

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    • "Communist" is just your usual insanity and hysteria. Yes, all Presidents, Governors, and so on of both parties in my lifetime have granted limited access to large donors. That's how US politics are financed, remember?

      The Democrats have had a hill to climb to match the hundreds of millions donated in large amounts to the Republicans, now concentrated on trying to bottle up the President in the WH and derail anything he does, including economic recovery. Did you know the Democrats raised such large amounts in this past election by crowd funding on the Web and elsewhere?

      Of course, the only real fix is a Constitutional Amendment putting a Jefferson's Wall between politicians and money. In fact, that's the only way to salvage the Constitution and go forwards past another century. But you are not interested in all that, are you? You would only be interested in cutting off the President's and the Democrat's funding to the plutocrats and Republican advantage.

      You are being a shill for people who wouldn't give you the time of day and who wish you the shortest life possible. Wake up.

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