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  • retard_short retard_short Mar 12, 2013 6:52 AM Flag

    The Labor Force Participation Rate Increased For 38 Years Straight


    From 1963 to 2001 when george "The Loser" bush took office... then it began to Fall and Fell to a level not seen since 1988 by the end of his failed presidency.

    Why didn't gw bush do something..... was he too stupid?

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    • It has fallen more under Obama's 4 years than it did in Bush's 8 years. And why do you STILL focus on what Bush did, and not what Obama is going to do about it? He was elected to fix the problem, not complain about it while making it worse. Why is it Bush's fault when Obama continues Bush's failed policies, and sometimes doubling down on them? You phfucking idiots just cry about Bush, and completely give Obama a pass when he does 10 times worse. Pull your phfucking head out of your a*s*s.

    • What are your numbers for the unemployment rate begging Jan of 2001?

      What are your numbers,talking about the unemployment numbers. I used 1-1-2007 that was the date the Democrats took control of the House, and the Senate margins in the Senate were great enough that the Democrats could over ride any Presidential veto. Interesting you state the employment numbers went up for 4 years from the day Bush took office all I am asking you to do is post the numbers. Any one can make a statement such as you posted proving it up is difficult and you cannot do it use real numbers, not some general DNC propoganda they spoon fed you.

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    • I guess the illiterate posters here will go back 50 years if that helps their rational. It has been 4 1/2 years since Bush so NO ONE cares about that ancient history. The question is WHAT is Obama doing to help the disadvantaged? Everything he touches turns to #$%$. I guess he is THAT bad of an econmist.

    • Obama's Brothers took out 3,000 Americans at the World Trade Center, more at the Pentagon, and more in a field in Pennsylvania. So it's just you and Obama that are STUPID!!!!

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