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  • boar292hog boar292hog Mar 16, 2013 9:32 AM Flag

    Dear Ford, lets lead the way...or?

    Ford needs to lead the way with dual fuel vehicles. Audi just unvelied a bi-fuel auto that uses traditional gas as well as CNG, giving it a cruising range of about 800 miles.

    Unfortunately, it seems the puzzle palace at Ford fears CNG because they are looking BACKWARDS. You see FORD and others have had CNG vehicles for awhile, you and me could have bought one BUT, there was little to NO INFRASTRUCTURE and today, its either private fleet vehicles or public/muni vehicles and NO ONE ELSE CAN USE THOSE PUMPS.
    So FORD has it partially right, there is little to no infrastructure. What they missed is that those private fleets and muni vehicles have been successfully using CNG at a cheaper cost than we see at today higher than normal for this time of year, price at the pumps!

    So let me get this striaght, for those who could use it knowing it was avaliable, well they have been using CNG for YEARS NOW.

    Fairly soon here no one across the US is going to have to look real hard to find some CNG. Even today, most of America's Interstate structure offers up CNG at the pumps and this is expanding rapidly with the likes of Clean energy and newer entrants, SHELL, and now a Chinese Company.

    WHERE IS DETROIT? Stuck emptying warehouses of previous auto parts orders that DO NOT INCLUDE CNG considerations at all.
    Audi is out with a new dual fuel vehicle, how long is it going to take Detroit/Ford to answer and why, might I ask, are we once again following the competition into the next big evolution of auto's based on fuel types?

    Dual fuel = 800 plus miles/range. Electric = 200+/-.......standard gas = 300-450. With a 800 mile range, there are suddenly alot of fuel stations avaliable for CNG and that list of locations grows daily.

    WHERE ARE YOU FORD? LEAD.....stop following.

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