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  • greatday43 greatday43 May 4, 2013 11:04 PM Flag

    New MKZ

    I am very quickly seeing new MKZ's on the street. I'm very impressed with the MKZ Hybrid which I looked over. Pearl white - polished wheels - light beige leather. The crystal red is apparently popular - I've seen at least 2. All this is just over 2 weeks time. All the window stickers I've seen were around $41,000. I just cannot figure out yet who it is marketed too? None were driven by younger people not under say mid 40's. About the same for new ATS models (aside from myself nearing 70). LOL

    My new ATS is safe. The MKZ just isn't my preference.

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    • no other grill like it.....artistic, classy and beautiful...hard to beat.

    • I feel sorry for suckers who buy Lincoln ... what sh/t/ty cars ... I am one of those suckers with f'ed up lincoln LS ... never will buy that garbage again ... new suckers born every minute I guess Fix Or Repair Daily ....

    • ATS is significantly smaller. I think the MKZ is even larger thant the CTS

    • I have seen one so far, in Tuxedo Black. It was gorgeous. I'm anxious to see one in Crystal Red.

    • Gorgeous car, but the LIncoln dealers near me in PA are few and far between. Some that were associated with Ford dealerships have closed. Further, Ford dealers are no longer advertising in the local papers. Not sure how this is good for marketing or sales. What is Ford up to in this regard?

    • greatday-- sounds like your local Lincoln dealers have picked winning color combos for your area. Sounds sharp.

      About age- Remember that more rural areas will have more elderly buyers overall, as in the1970s and 80s and 90s, many of their young left those regions to find work. Your area in West Texas is booming now, but it wasn't always that way, right?

      My guess for Ford's NATIONAL age target for Lincolns?? Probably matches that of the silver-haired guy in some Lincoln ads (name escapes me, the one who plays an ad executive in Mad Men). Nice ot see you posting and nice to see a new poster here (welcome John.Muench--- yes Taurus' are good cars)

      JB, Shaggy's mom

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      • Remember, if you're predisposed to own Ford products, the absence of Mercury now makes Lincoln the one way you can flaunt it a little. Fly, you always seemed to know what was in the pipeline. Just to make a statement, doesn't Lincoln need some kind of high-performance roadster in the lineup?

      • JB, this boom is HUGE. An article in today's Midland Reporter-Telegram outlined where we are - for example it'll take at least 3 years for housing construction to just catch up with demand. A 54 story "Engery Tower" is planned for downtown Midland. It's a multi use structure with retail, a cinema, office space and condos. 5 levels under ground for parking. I am told repeatedly by customers of my business that it's a done deal and completely funded. This is no "fly by night" deal at all. I cannot even list all the construction projects. Chevron just broke ground for their $100M new headquarters out here near me and Pioneer Oil is moving all their staff from Houston to here in their new building in the Claydesta Center (northeast Midland area).

        No it wasn't always just like this - never was actually. The earlier boom was based 100% on the price of a barrel of oil. This one is very different because it is based upon new technology for producing oil from shale deposits - and these shale deposits are vast, vast, vast. The Permian Basin produces 24% of our total national oil production.

        Midland ranks #1 nationally with an unemployment rate of 3.1% - 4 months so far in a row. But. Apartment rates are sky high - like $1200 a month for a basic 1 bedroom apartment - 3 month lease only. Home rentals range around $3500 a month for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath nothing fancy. Now. Estate type properties rent for around $7500 a month and up.

        Believe me - big money is being thrown at real estate. All car dealerships are either brand new or completely remodeled - everyone of them. BMW of the Permian Basin just received a new General Manager from the Atlanta BMW office. He has serious experience with BMW and demonstrates just how important this dealership is for BMW nationally. Alderson Mercedes next to BMW inventories most Mercedes AMG series models including the SLS coupe - the 5th one they've stocked so far.

        On and on it goes.

    • i have always bought lincolns. Continentials, town cars, ls, etc. Recently i bought a taurus limited and imo it is the finest car i have ever owned. Fully loaded except all wheel drive, i cannot believe the electronic goodies this car has. The ride is superb. Jmho- bucko

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