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  • laylow1991 laylow1991 May 7, 2013 8:39 PM Flag

    Four years ago I made a statement regarding women in the military

    I was told I was a sexist because I felt it would be detrimental to women in the lower ranks.
    As I said 4 years ago I felt women in the military was a great complement, but not in the lower ranks in combat.
    I firmly believe women in combat rolls as pilots and command officers is wonderfull.
    But I still believe women in lower ranks in combat is a situation that will cause all kinds of problems between men and women.

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    • A society that needs or uses women to fight wars is in sad shape. Men fight, women maintain the population. History will prove that to be right. Demographics are indisputable.

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      • Baen Publishing author Thomas Kratman (LtCol, USA(ret)) has some rather scathing comments about women in the military in general, in his book "Carnifex". LtCol Kratman was a JAG officer who spent a lot of time prosecuting and defending sexual-misconduct cases, and as a result took some very hard looks at the PR stuff coming out of DACOWITS (Defense Assessment Commitee on Women In The Service). He concluded that:
        1. There are exceptions, but women IN GENERAL lack the upper-body strength necessary to perform adequately in most combat or combat-support roles. For example, combat infantry operating away from their vehicles are regularly expected to carry loads exceeding 100 pounds each, track on an M1 Abrams is just about at the limit of what a 4-MAN crew can manage to lift back into place even with pullies, and artillery shells for everything bigger than a 105 are too heavy for the average in-shape woman to lift.
        2. During WWII, the Soviets found that mixing women into regular infantry or armor units had extreme negative effects on discipline. Women did perform well as snipers, but were moved around every day or two and so didn't really associate with other front-line troops.
        3. There's a HUGE amount of de-facto prostitution (e.g., trading good efficiency reports or promotion recommendations for sexual favors) even in non-combat units stationed outside CONUS,
        4. "Fraternization", even when fully consensual between the parties involved, tends to erode unit discipline due to jealousy among those not so favored. Remember, E-1 through E-3 personnel are just beyond high school and still have the high-school "in crowd/out crowd" behavior traits largely intact.
        5. When women are, or seem to be, physically incapable of handling the strength-related tasks required to successfully carry out their duties, they tend to sluff those duties off on the men in the unit. That overloads the men and degrades the efficiency of the unit itself.

        Read the end-notes to the book.

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