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  • kringle_2 kringle_2 May 23, 2013 2:41 PM Flag

    Why Are Our Congressmen Such Arrogant, Hateful, AHs?


    In their political ads they present themselves as down to earth family men - the most humble and empathetic people on the planet.

    Then, once in office they turn into arrogant monsters who treat everyone else like dirt. And it's not party-based, it happens to politicians on all sides.

    In town hall meetings they act as if their constituents are beggars. In congressional hearings they act as if Gawd, Himself, put them in power. During investigative witch hunts they are especially arrogant and deplorable. And they walk around the capital as if everyone else should jump out of their way because THEY are the only important people in town.

    John McCain, imo, best exemplifies this disgusting behavior, but all politicians seem to engage in it.

    The same thing can be seen with all too many local politicians. Maybe that's where the sleazebags get their early dooshbag training.

    I wish they would try acting like ordinary Americans: go to work and do their jobs, and do what is right for America. Not what is right for them or for their party, but what is best for everyone.

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    • What are "ordinary Americans?" I find your post naive. Are you trying to write that "ordinary americans" do the right things? Kind of humorous. Americans get what they vote for and the politicans or leaders are a reflection of that. Jon McCain has been a Senator for over 30 years, somebody is keeping him in power and thought enough of him to run for President - you get it? Don't blame our "leaders," blame yourselves, including me.
      Also, "down to earth family men," I thought that was precious too. Down to earth family men wouldn't be running for public office. What do you mean "down to earth family men?" It could mean different things to different people. No "man" or woman are perfect or down to earth, whatever that means in the purest state. You never know what happens behind close doors and people will only show you one side, but never all the sides. Are you a kid or young adult? You may live in the same house as your parents, but you still don't know them, but of course you think you do. The world isn't black or white. You need to do less posting or texting and do more thinking.

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