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  • westervillekid westervillekid Jun 17, 2013 3:01 PM Flag

    Colorado-We're putting people to work-Fracking-The number of holes punched in the ground doubles since coming to the state


    In 2000 the number of active oil and gas wells in Colorado almost doubled from 22,228 to 43,354 in 2010. Analysts believe there is more oil shale and shale gas to be found in the state.[1] Pushing the lease growth is the discovery of oil in the Niobrara shale, which sits more than 6,000 feet below the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. The oil is not uniformly distributed in the vast shale and limestone formation, which stretches from southern Colorado into Wyoming.

    The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) notes that 95 percent of new wells in Colorado are fractured wells, releasing natural gas. The BLM states that, in Colorado, the majority of fluids used in the fracturing process are recycled and no fluids are sent to wastewater treatment plants, which has caused water quality concerns in the eastern United States. For the fluids disposed of, the BLM states that 60 percent goes into "deep and closel

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    • The largest formation of shale in the world is the Green River formation. Over 12,000 feet in some areas. The Green river is rich in Kerogen. A waxy substance which does not transfer easily. Vast amounts of Kerogen are locked in the Green river. Most will never be harvested due to economics.

      There is some gas in the green river which can be mined. Fracking is a good choice. However, geology is not an exact science. Thus there are some serious economic issues.

      We have vast amounts of sweet crude in the Williston formation in ND & WY. More than in all of Saudia Arabia. That area is booming & by the end of 2014 we will be out producing the depleted oil fields in SA.

      Anwar in Alaska has enough crude to feed the US for 16 years. We only need a 72 mile pipeline to connect ANWAR to the already in place Alaska pipeline. The tree huggers are preventing this who are funded by the Sauds.


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