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  • historicbull historicbull Jul 8, 2013 7:49 PM Flag

    Henry Ford will be pleased.

    The change may not seem like a big jump, but it is. Each fraction of a percentage point is a big deal, and Ford's gain in U.S. market share was the best of any automaker. The question is: Will Ford gain enough market share to replace GM as the best-selling automaker in the U.S.?

    I believe that Ford will, and it will largely be decided over the next two years. June's seasonally adjusted annual rate, or SAAR, came in just under 16 million – the highest rate in over five years. The rising tide will raise all boats, but Ford will capitalize more than its rival because GM still owns the oldest vehicle portfolio in the industry.

    While Ford was designing and launching hugely popular vehicles, such as the Fusion and the Escape, GM was still wrangling with its financial fallout and government bailout. While GM's best-selling Silverado aged far beyond its expected lifespan, Ford's F-150 continues to increase its sales lead and the company is anticipating its 2015 redesigned F-150 to be a big hit.

    As most of you know, Ford's F-150 has been the best-selling truck for 31 years and the overall best-selling vehicle for 36 – and that will continue for the foreseeable future. In addition to the F-150's success, these three vehicles should help Ford race past GM in the next couple years

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    • raiz91803 Jul 13, 2013 3:54 PM Flag

      Just wait until the 2014 Transit Van hits the market!

    • I think it does not have so much to do with size as profits. Being the biggest is not that important anymore. Expansion into new markets is the name of the game today.


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    • Yes Henry Ford must be "pleased" that after his worthless descendants ran the share price down form $33.00 to $1.00...While the current Ford family of losers has reinstated the dividend which rewards their incompetence some $14 Million a year and pays their overcompensated CEO an additional $3 Million a year.

      Henry Ford saved by the America Tax Payer when he was forced to file for Bankruptcy Protection and now his POS family are still sucking the life out their share holders.


    • Thanks for the thoughful topic.

      I would like to see Ford surpass GM as the US sales leader but it won't be easy. GM's line-up is getting refreshed and the vehicles are better than the ones they are replacing. The new Malibu and Impala are really nice cars and it should be easy for GM to get those once loyal Chevy customers back now that these 2 cars look so nice inside and out, and the quality is much better.

      The competition among all auto makers is very serious now, especially since the US automakers have caught up and are looking to steal market share. The majority of cars built today, no matter who they are built by, are SO MUCH better than cars built even 10 years ago. "Good" will not be good enough anymore, it has to be best. This is the new mentality and is what is driving quality in the industry.


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      • Just an "add-on" to your post Q. You wrote "The new Malibu and Impala are really nice cars and it should be easy for GM to get those once loyal Chevy customers back ".

        I was a GM loyal customer until the "bail outs...twice as I recall, and then every year since 2011 they paid their employees some very substantial bonuses in lieu of repaying the US taxpayers.

        I bought a Ford, something that I thought I would never do. I have been more than pleased ever since. GM will never get me back, and thousands more who feel the same about the bail-outs!!!!

      • All true Q. I realize how serious the competition is when I go to the Auto Show. There is so much to choose from and only the best will survive. I can remember, at the time, Ford's chief designer J.C. Mays in one of the conferences I attended said it is no longer enough to give the public what they want but you need to design and develop options they didn't know they "needed" until they saw them. Staying one step ahead of the consumer is very important. I think Ford's Sync and My Touch systems are examples of that mentality. Even though Ford has had their share of problems with these systems, they are some important options that sell their vehicles.

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