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  • estero655 estero655 Jul 15, 2013 2:58 PM Flag

    Eric Holder


    Not only is he a tax cheat & liar, he is a racist!

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    • Holder is also incompetent. Whether one agrees or disagrees with the Arizona immigration law, Holder had an opinion WITHOUT even reading it, NOR being briefed by his clerks. THAT is incompetency at the highest.

    • There are a number of political figures that are "race profiteers". These include Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama, and Eric Holder, among a number of others.

      Without racial hatred, they would dissolve back into nobodies. So they continue to foment such hatred among African Americans. And, of course, the press loves a juicy racial conflict, so they are delighted co-conspirators.

    • also he is mean-spirited & arrogant.
      He will never file anything against Obama...because he is protecting his job.
      Kiss Ben Gazi goodbye.
      Kiss Fast & Furious goodbye.
      Kiss IRS goodbye.
      Kiss Election fraud goodbye.
      Kiss Obama violating the Constitution a number of times good bye.
      Race trumps it all.
      Who woulda guessed it????Black President,Black atty Gen, Black sec of Stat ( Rice), black Cabinet,; yet still Race is an effective & workable tool.
      Only Americans ignore FACTS for anything with the word or hint "race".

      Obama promised a new time when we would have peace....yet He is the most divisive we've ever had.

      I remember In HS we all danced to Nat King Cole, The penguins, etc.
      Now No.

      The new 'race pot stirrers show up at every even & get Fed. help to start RACIAL hatred all over again.

      When will we stop believing them?????

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