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  • isawaratithink isawaratithink Oct 2, 2013 3:06 PM Flag

    Females, get ready, in 2014 Obama gets to

    1. Look up your dress,
    2. Know your sexual preferences,
    3. know how many partners (relationships) you have
    4. Your size
    5. weight
    6. any past history of sexual diseases

    He is going to know more about you than your Parents


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    • and stay out of Texas where the highway patrol will search your vagina on the side of the road.

    • Now I get it. you're shouting "Deathpanels"like in 2009. Better known as "living will" the past 30-years. Or "power of attorney" the past ??? (forever) years. The real death-panel is like the guy who thought his half of insurance premiums were buying a gold plan. No co-pay for ER visits. 10% co-pay on doctor visits and x-rays, labs, etc. Was totally against the PP-ACA becoming law. until his wife was diagnosed with a terrible disease. Only to find out his yearly cap on expenses was $100K. With a lifetime payout from isurance company of $500K. I think he lost his house and all the money he had in retirement account. In the contract between insurance company and employer he was put in a special category for insurance coverage. His cost was 3X-4X his monthly salary. Take it or leave it. Trying to remember how he got on medicaid. Probably left his job to qualify. Once a single payer plan is implemented the $500K cost of saving his wife would be spread out over 120-M workers. Or 1/2 cent spread out over 3-years. Insurance saves. If done right.

    • 2-stories. (1)- About 2008 the husbands employer decided he couldn't take the burden of paying for the family plan and decided to have his employees pay for 70% of it. The husband decided to take the single plan. The only one he could afford. His wife and kids went without insurance. The wife took a job that offered insurance. But she had to pay 100% of the premiums. Her employer deducted 97% of her paycheck for premiums. but she didn't mind because now she and her kids had insurance again. ..... (2)- On the news yesterday. One worker told his boss he was dropping out of the family plan the boss provided. Went to the exchange and was whooping it up because he now saves $400 a month in out of pocket expenses. (must be young with a young family). So I guess now he can afford to buy a top of the line car for his family. Don't forget the leather seats.

    • The exchange offers are from private companies. They have asked the same questions since Nixon was president. ///// They don't ask the same questions if through a large employer plan. But over time they gather all the info from doctor visits paid, prescriptions paid, procedures paid, etc, etc. ///// And as you notice, the rates double every 10-years as the boomers hit 40. Then 50. And 60. Too young for medicare and a burden on private pay. So that explains the doubling of premiums every decade for the past 2-decades. Kaboomers.!

    • Are you kidding with this crappie post. See how ignorance is spread around to scare all the sheepeople.

    • great points

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