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  • DiamondShoalsPilot DiamondShoalsPilot Jan 11, 2002 1:25 PM Flag

    OT-TA-stocksmith, catt, etc-

    I don't know if you follow this one, but check out these candles in real time.

    ADM -yesterday's Opening Marubozu completes the Advance Block Pattern and confirms the prior Bullish Piercing Line. It' a work of art and no coincidence that ADM is currently the only stock on my screens hitting daily highs.

    In my mind, there should be doubt as to the power of TA. When mixed in a cocktail with copious amounts of fundamental research, it can be a potent elixir, and alarmingly useful IMO.

    But you guys know that.
    Smith- You pull the trigger on that health care stock yet? CNBC is talking the whole sector up.

    Macatt- I think you are what they call, "a rennaissance man, no?" Thanks for all the great info. What you finding in your search for the next ten bagger? CREE might be one. IRF is one. I think DVN energy is one. I thought TQNT was one. Now not sure. From here, perhaps ORCH could be one, problem is, I bought higher and it also could go under- who the &^%$ knows. LOL.

    Best to all ,

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    • Hey Pilot,

      >>>rennaissance man<<< I've been called a lot of things but that's a new one! Will have to check into the meaning as you are getting way over my head.

      >>>>In my mind, there should be doubt as to the power of TA. When mixed in a cocktail with copious amounts of fundamental research, it can be a potent elixir, and alarmingly useful IMO.<<<<

      That's a statement that a "few" of our newer posters ought to overlay on their monitors. Example: Cree - report yesterday right on statements made at last CC and financials shown why report was light from the analyst's estimates.

      Would like to discuss 10 baggers with you sometime but not on this board. Maybe we can find some way to link up private e-mails?

      It will be interesting, I think when IRF reports on the 24th and a rash of "disjointed" posts appear from those who either forgot or haven't a clue what was said at the last CC & the ASM by IRF Mgmt. regarding the Dec. QTR.

      One could make a fortune dispensing Li tablets the past few weeks to some.

      Best regards,


    • Hey DSP,

      <<You pull the trigger on that health care stock yet?>>

      Bought UHS at 39.08; not the low, but good enough so far and quite good if this is the turn around day. . . . Of course I was doing better before you asked!!

      I'll take a look at ADM, thanks.

      Little down on low volume for IRF today -- bullish, no? Be nice to see a handle form and then blow forty away in the near future.

      At days end, have a glass of adult grape product in view of one of those palm trees for me.



    • Hi DSP, bucc, mcatt, stocksmith, et al

      I have a question for you and the other knowledgeable T/A experts here.

      I see CREE giving me faint signals of NT btm confirmation. Is that what you guys see as well?

      Just wondering and I can shed some IART for a profit from where I bought today and get into CREE.

      Like I said I like to wait for the NT btm before I position myself but the preliminary indicators, i.e. volume and the sharp point down in the distrubition leads me to believe that it has found its NT btm in the 24-25 range.

      I would appreciate any help here.


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      • Suggestion: Why don't you sit down and do some long hard study?

        You have said: >>>Not trying to harass you, just being me.<<<<<
        >>>>I was just being a shit<<< >>>>I wasn't thinking I was just reacting.<<<<< >>>I apologize to the board if I pissed anyone off<<< >>>I am just trying to help everyone in whatever way I can.<<<< >>>I have done some preliminary DD, and shucks I didn't know that CREE was a local company for me. Anyway, my prelims indicate .....<<<<<<<<<


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