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  • marty81274 marty81274 Feb 23, 2006 1:09 PM Flag

    Another P.O. CRAP day I see, Up, Down

    what's going on anyway?

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    • LK

      Dont kick yourself over ptsc.....ask yourself how much do you think anyone invested (dollar amount) into a stock under 20 cents?

      Good Luck

    • I'm still holding the $27 IRF shares but I'll bail if I see trouble ahead. Unlike Marty, I don't see any trouble with the stock.

      I have still have beaucoup shares of BA and SLW has performed admirably. I wish I could've hooked up with bylo earlier on that penny stock PTSC. It's gone up too fast for me to get in now. It's on my watch list now.

    • LK Wheres the love! That "mystical" fellow is me......The real deal. That Fake 00 Fritzy says Im "mystical" I kind of like that so I'll be useing that identity every now and then as a way of telling Fritzy.......Thanks!

      LK are you still holding those $27 IRF shares?

    • I go away for weeks and we have a million inforcers on the board and one of them mentions me? I must've made a great impression.

      I didn't think the board could get any worse but I was wrong. Too many egos here. Pathetic.

    • "00 I believe it is you who gets an "F" on this one. In all reality the inforcers point is well received by most investors.
      As the market continues to move sideways companies continue to grow regardless of their stock price movement. This allows for "earnings to be more inline with over valued stock prices"
      In no way at all does that suggest "earnings are driven by the need to stay up with the market" or the stock price for that matter.
      Those were you're words. Frankly I am suprised you dont understand this basic market information."

      What a stupid post. Do you have any studies or analysis that supports such an ignorant thesis? Markets move sideways because of a thousand factors...interest rates, relative declines in multiples, general market uncertainity. A poor performing company does not always "grow earnings" in either an up market, a down market, or a sideways market. What a stupid, unsupported statement you've made. Stick to the tables out there, you'll probably do better at craps than you will at investing funds.

    • The laughs just don't stop with you! Come on, you promised to put down that rum and coke, it's obvious you just can't help yourself. Here is what you just posted:

      "Subj: Re: ROTFLMAO at Mystical
      By: mystical_inforcer
      Date: 02/25/06 12:37 am

      See Fritzy

      This is why you are such a confused soul. READ THE POST! It says Im going in the afternoon "MANYANA" That means TOMMORROW.............No! Im not going to do it Fritz! Im not going to allow myself to believe you are this stupid!"

      Nice try, but these posts are like fingerprints, easy to find and here is what you posted!

      Re: The Inforcer loves Inforcer
      by: inforcer122001 02/24/06 04:22 pm
      Msg: 59685 of 59699

      Well Yes! Of course I do,

      Now little fritz here is some school for you but I have to be quick Im off to the coast."

      See how confused you are? At 4 in the afternoon your in a hurry, your off to the coast. But at nearly one in the morning the next day, your home! Did you just fall down in a drunken stupor? Or are you just a pathological lier? I'm thinking it's both!! ROTFLMAOAY, you've now puked on yourself two times, it's really getting ugly. I would suggest you look for a whole new identity the one's you currently are using all say "Board Clown".

      It's also obvious that you can't explain your post regarding sideway's markets improving a companys earnings, you now hope someone else can explain your own babblings! Still depending on the orderly's to help you?? Christ, you are a big bag of wind, with no understanding of markets or investments, and you're a frigging lier to boot!

      MANYANA your ass....

    • See Fritzy

      This is why you are such a confused soul. READ THE POST! It says Im going in the afternoon "MANYANA" That means TOMMORROW.............No! Im not going to do it Fritz! Im not going to allow myself to believe you are this stupid! Im going to give you the benifit of the doubt and say..........ummmmmmm.......Your just challenged! Ok thats better then stupid.....Now lets hope Tung comes to your rescue and helps you solve the simple market question I have presented to you....He's your only hope. TUNG_SOL Please come help Fritzy..........I take it all back Tung. I never realized how smart you were all this time.........These new "challenged" kids make you look like Warren Buffet.......REALLY!.........Tung_Buffet.............Warren_Sol...........These kids need you Tung. I dont even care if its a cut and a chart Tung.....ANYTHING to help poor fritzy. I I I I hate to say say say this Fritz but it would seem you have become...........well how do need of special attention. Im not going to send you in the corner and make you put on the dunce cap....No Fritz we are all going to work with you and help you with your "SPECIAL" needs. Now you take all the time you need to figure out the IRF questions. There are no wrong answers Fritz and no stupid questions. The stupid question is the one you dont ask. Go get em Tiger we are all here for you!

    • Plane late? Credit card not work for the ticket? Afraid I really did alert to Feds?
      Or, do you just lie and lie on this board?

    • Oh Fity <<"While your on the coast perhaps you should look for a job in the circus, there is no bigger clown on Yahoo than you!">>

      The inforcer does indeed enjoy clowning but there is one bigger then me.......?

      NOw enough chit chat. Lets get that market coment out of you so we can debate. Even Ketchup had some market thoughts mixed in with his "inforcer bashing" Now he is happy because he bought IRF at $27.00......See? his obsession with me made him some cash in the end.

      Now lets try and do the same for you. I promise I'll put down the Rum and Coke and sober up. Come on Fitz ANYTHING market related just so we know there is some grey matter in that melon. Here lets start with IRF......Buy? Sell? or Hold? What say you?

      I have to head out in the afternoon manyana so give me something by then. Here we sit with IRF in a holding pattern stock price wise....Buy? Sell? or Hold? is this sidewyas action good? Is the company still going ahead with its business trying to grow earnings while the stock price moves sideways? What effect might that have with the analysts next go around? Come on I am presenting this as easy as I can. Its lie a dot to dot for goodness sake......Is Marty's panic attack justified?.......Come on fritz lets hug this out. Now I notice many suggestions by you regarding "drug addiction". I really believe those days are past you and you can come up with some real suggestions to the questions I presented you regarding IRF.

      The whole board is reading now fritz......IRF......What say you?

    • "Sorry about that...........Here Fritzy MYSTICAL......I love it! Thanks a million."

      Heck, it's you and you don't have that much, how about thanks a penny?

      "Now get a hold of yourself Fritz this is getting too easy for me. Its like Im the puppet master and you are all tied up in your strings."

      Are you seeing those spider webs on the wall again??

      "The inforcer is mystical....ooooooooooo! thats scary!"

      Like I said, your mind is too simple and complex thoughts are beyond your understanding. I said your words were a mystical attempt, not you. However, simple minds do simple things so you go ahead and be the mystical inforcer....sort of like vapor, smoke and mirrors. It suits you. While your on the coast perhaps you should look for a job in the circus, there is no bigger clown on Yahoo than you!

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