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  • marty81274 marty81274 Feb 23, 2006 1:09 PM Flag

    Another P.O. CRAP day I see, Up, Down

    what's going on anyway?

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    • Hey Marty

      Ask 00 phony balony........He thinks <<"Earnings are driven by the neeed to catch up with over priced shares">>

      This is starting to get hilarious! Tung_sol this 00 fake is the best thing that ever happened to you. He gives enough moronic material to keep me busy for weeks.......Also Tung he is making you seem BRILLIANT!.....but the inforcer knows better.

      Please Marty and 00 phony continue LMAOAY-kids

    • "Well Yes! Of course I do,"

      The only sexual satisfaction you get is "loving" yourself!

      "Now little fritz here is some school for you but I have to be quick Im off to the coast."

      Great, we'll let the Fed's know there is a big drug deal going down and perhaps they will catch your sad ass and put you in a place where you can get some help.

      "You said "Earnings are driven by the need to catch up with over priced shares"

      I know this conversation is much to difficult for your diseased mind to keep straight, but I said you said that. That's a hard concept for you isn't it? Too subtle for a mind ruined by years of drinking and drugs.

      I said <<"a sideways market gives companies earnings a chance to catch up with over priced shares">>

      Yes you did. That is what you said.

      Take the weekend to come up with an explination to the board regarding the difference between the two. Other then mine is correct and yours is more "MARKET STOOGE FACTOR"

      I'm sure, in your mind, you are correct. That fact that it is a stupid, ignorant comment doesn't dawn on you.

      "ow when I get back I'll grade your report and teach you more market stuff. Lets just call it "STUFF" for now because it keeps it simple that way. Ill tell you more "STUFF" Fritzy when I get back."

      I'm sure you will be juiced up and ready to go after a weekend of "STUFF"! LOL

      "hile Im gone keep up the ALL THINGS INFORCER posts. Titles, subject, content, anything, as long as THE INFORCER is in print. Its about time this board goes that direction and I could not have done it without you Fritzy.:

      Please, your much too kind. Thank Jack Daniels or Southern Comfort, the real source of your inspiration and thoughts.

      "<"Trying to pretend that there is some mystical meaning beyond what you posted..">>

      WOW! This is getting deep! Now THE INFORCER is "MYSTICAL" Thats a new one but I think I like that.....Here Wait Ill be right back! "

      Sort of thought that Dead Head stuff would appeal to you! Have a great weekend little monkey boy. If we're all lucky you'll put some bad stuff in your veins and we won't hear from you again!

    • Plane late? Credit card not work for the ticket? Afraid I really did alert to Feds?
      Or, do you just lie and lie on this board?

    • The only poster in a world of trouble is you. For some reason you go from ID to ID to try and make meaningless points.

      IMO inforcer has been correct on more points then most on this board. I can see that bothers you but cant understand why.

      Regardless of you dressing up as "inforcer" or "irftothemoon" or any other wig you decide to put on, you are nothing more then a waste of this boards time. Do us all some good and take a hike. Your posts are not even funny.

    • Sorry about that...........Here Fritzy MYSTICAL......I love it! Thanks a million.

      Now get a hold of yourself Fritz this is getting too easy for me. Its like Im the puppet master and you are all tied up in your strings.

      The inforcer is mystical....ooooooooooo! thats scary!

    • I go away for weeks and we have a million inforcers on the board and one of them mentions me? I must've made a great impression.

      I didn't think the board could get any worse but I was wrong. Too many egos here. Pathetic.

    • The laughs just don't stop with you! Come on, you promised to put down that rum and coke, it's obvious you just can't help yourself. Here is what you just posted:

      "Subj: Re: ROTFLMAO at Mystical
      By: mystical_inforcer
      Date: 02/25/06 12:37 am

      See Fritzy

      This is why you are such a confused soul. READ THE POST! It says Im going in the afternoon "MANYANA" That means TOMMORROW.............No! Im not going to do it Fritz! Im not going to allow myself to believe you are this stupid!"

      Nice try, but these posts are like fingerprints, easy to find and here is what you posted!

      Re: The Inforcer loves Inforcer
      by: inforcer122001 02/24/06 04:22 pm
      Msg: 59685 of 59699

      Well Yes! Of course I do,

      Now little fritz here is some school for you but I have to be quick Im off to the coast."

      See how confused you are? At 4 in the afternoon your in a hurry, your off to the coast. But at nearly one in the morning the next day, your home! Did you just fall down in a drunken stupor? Or are you just a pathological lier? I'm thinking it's both!! ROTFLMAOAY, you've now puked on yourself two times, it's really getting ugly. I would suggest you look for a whole new identity the one's you currently are using all say "Board Clown".

      It's also obvious that you can't explain your post regarding sideway's markets improving a companys earnings, you now hope someone else can explain your own babblings! Still depending on the orderly's to help you?? Christ, you are a big bag of wind, with no understanding of markets or investments, and you're a frigging lier to boot!

      MANYANA your ass....

    • <<"a sideways market gives companies earnings a chance to catch up with over priced shares?">>

      Yes ass bag! Thats my quote. What a moron you are!

      NOW HERE IS WHAT YOU POSTED .....YOUR QUOTE "Earnings are driven by the need to catch up with over priced shares" Thats how stupid you are! You simply dont understand the market.....but thats ok most dont.

      You can back peddle all you want its in print moron. You remind me of Tung_sol always trying to cover up your blunders instead of just admiting you were wrong.

      Fitz4aday....That why everyone on this board thought you were an ass and why they still do. Because you dont post facts. Just bullshit spin and deflect. YOU STILL HAVE NOT ANSWERED THE CHALLENGE OF POSTING SOMETHING ABOUT A STOCK........YELLER!

      Now Im sorry but like it or not you are on record and in the running for the IRF board most idiotic posts of 2006 (Front runner I might add)

      Tung (aka you) won last season with "Buy what they say on TV" When he believed Cramer was an investment option.

      Also I believe ketchup won a couple of seasons ago. (ketchup where you been?)

      Fit4aday-You are front runner this season little man but in the mean time keep that "inforcer" stuff going will you. I kind of like seeing the message board ALL THINGS INFORCER....Its flattering! You have made me proud.

      Now back to my six pack of beer while I wash my trailer home. Ma's cooking up some stew and a'ringen that there bell.

    • I have to agree. Looks like 00 has a screw loose on this one.

    • The only Blue Goose you've ever had you got from playing around with tungdontknow, wejustdontknow, fitz4adoy!

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