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  • m1emone m1emone Oct 10, 2000 1:40 PM Flag

    Another STRONG BUY for IRF?

    Anyone know who initiated coverage in the last
    couple of weeks at a Strong Buy?

    I usually check
    the SmartMoney site every couple of weeks, and the
    last I checked it was:
    6 Strong Buys

    Now, it's:
    7 Strong Buys

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    • makes IRF a great buying opp for exactly your
      reasons. Thats' why I try to buy only when the semi's are
      getting whacked. So far IRF has always come back strong.
      The extra bonus this time is that the entire nas got

      Bought from the 43's to 37's....

    • m1emone
      Maybe we're going about it the wrong
      way. Since all we have is good news about IRF and it
      keeps dropping maybe what we need is bad news so it can
      finally justify itself in everybodies mind as to why it
      is going down.
      Then, at that point everyone will
      know why it went down so they can start buying to
      bring it back up.

      • 1 Reply to oversaul
      • Hi, oversaul:

        Agreed, we must be going
        about this the wrong way.

        I've read all the
        publicly available info I can get my hands on and continue
        to reach the same conclusion: This market's
        nuts....or maybe I am nuts for continuing to believe that
        the market will soon behave rationally with respect
        to IRF's valuation.

        I called Ms. Wagers this
        afternoon to see if she would add anything to our knowledge
        base. I knew what the answer would be ("I'm sure you're
        aware that we're currently in a quiet

        It's out of her hands, really. However, when I
        mentioned the consensus estimate of $.58 and the fact that
        I've scoured the press releases, company presentation,
        and 10-K for a hint of weakening fundamentals (I've
        found none), she did add (exact words), "We entered our
        quiet period with our business VERY STRONG."

        doesn't sound like much, but still it was good to hear
        confirmation from our VP of Investor Relations. I thanked her
        for her "hand-holding."

        Here's a thought:

        When IRF meets the Q1 consensus of $.58, that will be
        a 480% increase from the prior year's $.10.....from
        a company with a 22.8X P/E ratio. That should get
        some attention.

        Back to my padded


    • I heard a business analyst on the radio
      discussing the chip sector and he described general purpose
      chips as those chips "which go in everything from toys
      to washing machines". That's right up IRF's alley.
      It is not a comforting thought. What happens if a
      few of those strong buys are downgraded???

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