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  • walterstortoise walterstortoise Aug 5, 2001 3:06 PM Flag

    Does anyone have $3995?

    Event: Powercosm 2001
    Where: Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco

    At Powercosm 2001 we will, in concert with leading technology executives, explore the fundamentals of the technologies, the key enablers, opportunities and markets. As always, you'll hear progress reports on the future from a few of our favorite familiar companies such as the venerable International Rectifier. And, as always, you'll have the opportunity to meet many new companies, most familiar to DPR readers but new to the Powercosm; companies like Cree, Infineon, Satcon, Maxwell, Microsemi, Catalytica, NextPhase, Coherent, amongst others.

    Ford, you live out that way, don't you? How about each of us send in ten bucks, and if there is a shortfall, IR could pick up the tab.

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    • I don't think MM's knees, back, or steroids are the problem; I think he gave it his all when he came to St. Louis and will be lucky if he has a couple of years left. Baseball has gotten more like football, unfortunately, big money, physically big players, and a younger man's game. It's still my favorite sport though because you can still go to the game, although ticket costs are becoming too high, and get popcorn or hand a foul ball you catch to someone's kids who are setting beside you and see a GIANT smile. Something the kids will never forget and hopefully learn from. It doesn't get any better than that.

    • Bones,
      I also own a small position in LLY and am looking to add to it at 3 bucks lower.

      I know you saw consumer credit figures today and also housing starts. Consumer credit went DOWN last mo. That personally shocked me. Housing is finally starting to roll over though; but retail sales were up. Go figure

      My online non-contribution to this board tonight is to reiterate my position of last night: I have NO idea and the risk/reward is not within my parameters of INVESTING!

      So all my positions and intentions are very clear; I have three different accounts, Grandpa/retirement, aggressive growth, and Vegas. I am 68% cash. That is up from 75% at the first of this year. This is the lowest percentage of stocks since 1991; but that was more capitulation on my part. I sold 75% percent of my holdings in IRF over the last few months but it still represents my second largest holding in my Grandpa account, TYC being the largest; the Grandpa account is quickly/now becoming way too applicable.


      I don't think this market has a chance of rolling over until real money comes back in Sept. or Oct. "Don't short a dull market".
      I am not doom and gloom either right now; I just don't know of a Great place to put cash, other than cash.

      DSP, U4, Over, et al.; I greatly appreciate the read of your msgs, thanx.

      Now Mac,

      I am a fundamentalist at heart and soul, but very much for many, many years enjoy playing the market. I would love to hear your TA about the current market. CSCO did not lend much momentum either way. Greeny is not until near the end of the month. We have an incredibly non-interest market with the exception of the pundits that get marched on television to fill dull airspace and who to a very large percentage do less DD, market study, and economic analysis than some on this board; For Damn sure not near as much as you. By any TA measure I follow, which is many, All say go on vacation, enjoy life, don't use credit, and go visit Over in some place that has nicer weather; unlike DSP and myself.

      All the best and prosperous trading,

      Thanx again

    • Hi Paul,

      In answer to your question - yes although some like SI allow anyone to read them but not post (I believe that is still the case but it could have been changed by now). A number of subscriptions have posting boards that only subscribers can get into and that seems to be a growing trend.

      Another aspect that I like on SI is the private message option. Using that some soon exchange their own e-mail addresses and create their own "private" network.

      On jet fuel and Novas - won't run very well but substitute Indy 500 racecar fuel and likely so.



    • Hi mac,

      you put "free" in quotes, do you belong to service(s) that offer quality (and active) boards but charge for them? This is the only board that's remotely active for IRF, I got pulled over here by oversaul's posts on Motley Fool.

      RE roids and injury: if you fill up a Chevy Nova with jet fuel and hit the gas, you can be sure your suspension will be a distant memory after a bump or with knees....

      thanks for your posts...

    • Cardinal,

      Nice post. My view for quite a while has been to remain very flexible with a high cash position and in a trading account try to scrape out quick trades playing the short term channels. I try to expand my horizon and fill my time with as much information and networking cramming as possible figuring over time that one's investment results are proportional to effort & time expended. There are lots of very smart people that devote their lives to market study of the market action and direction. The sum of all the "smart peoples" actions reflects, I believe, the direction and the ebb & flow of the market averages. No single person could ever hope to remotely cover even a small portion of the study & thought that has gone on. For that reason I think TA is very valuable in gauging what's going on. I'm one of those former engineers who regarded TA as somewhat silly in bygone years but soon learned how wrong I was. There are a lot of "old time" small investors who buy & hold for years and for those TA and current fundamentals & economic conditions may be somewhat ignored. They may never understand what they have missed out on but that's their choice. For example in late Dec'99 to Feb'Y2K the NAZ was almost four standard deviations above the mean. It didn't take much insight to realize that could not continue yet surprisingly to me many will not spend the few hours needed to learn a little basic statistics. The IRF Yahoo board is pretty unique in my opinion since there are a wide range of conscientious posters compared to most of the "free" posting boards on YAHOO and elsewhere. Related to networking I've found it quite interesting how various firms respond to investor's e-mail & telephone questions. Some like QCOM & CREE are super in responding others quite bad. Also related to networking I've tried to attend a number of shareholder meetings and to engage in discussions before and after the meetings other shareholders and analysts in attendance. This has been very valuable to me.

      How's Big Mac's knee coming along? After the season of 70 big ones I figured he would be a good bet to move to #1 on the all time list but now that looks almost impossible. From the fall out from the Stringer death (NFL Vikings) I saw a picture of Big Mac in his rookie year. Do you wonder like I do if the �additives & steroids� that so many athletes take to bulk up has contributed to health problems and maybe Stringer�s death and maybe Big Mac�s knee problems?



    • Your points are well made and I'm sure most agree. I do anyways. Also, I am long IRF, TYC and LLY. I think Lilly being down on the Prozac issue provides good long opportunity.

      All longs positions. No trading positions at all.


    • Hello Cardinal
      Thank you for your interesting comments.I agree with everything you said except that I don't see that there is anything out there to suggest that this market will turn around this week or even in the near future.The two things that perhaps bother me the most is 1)An overwhelming majority of the analyst/investors EXPECT a turnaround in Q401/Q102(usually the herd is wrong)2)consumer credit debt is higher than it has been in years.It looks to me that consumer CREDIT and not CASH is propping up the economy-not healthy.Alot of credit usually leads to default.This, along with the record number of bankruptcy filing expected this year, will zap big banks and credit companies.If this bubble bursts,the still overvalued NAZ will tumble somemore.Believe me,I am not trying to be doom and gloom and I am not "chicken little".Just some thoughts-looking for comments from others.

    • Hey Boar,

      Wasn't referring to you as a basher. This board is relatively free of those - not so on many other YAHOO boards (like RMBS & Cree)! Sorry if I was a little careless in wording!


    • Mac
      It's good to hear something positive from an investor who has attended Gilder's conferences. You make an excellent point on the intelligence that is present at the meetings.
      Sorry if my post came across as a basher. All of my positions are over 2 years old with the exception if Kodak and Internat'l Rectifier...I regret the former and am looking to add to the latter.
      I enjoy your insightful posts.


    • Walter - Let's have all shorts send in $10 each, since they made lots more than that on the decline. We are just poor longs here waiting for that juicy power tip...

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