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  • lossleader5 lossleader5 Oct 13, 2005 7:50 PM Flag

    OXY deal for Vintge petroleum a big

    deal...Done at a decent premium. This will fire up the oilies tommorrow.

    Bears gonna eat crow.

    Then earnings hit!

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    • I don't know how a concern about oxy devolved into this quagmire. Marines and navy pilots? Get real. A big boat is a ship.
      Additionaly, pussie, politicians and the ignorant attack the messenger. Others address the message, which is stay out of my pocket, get a job, pay your share.

    • 35% isn't horrible?????

      Okay, for every three hours you work, someone is going to confiscate one hour's pay and give it to others who aren't working???? That's not horrible??? Think of that...over 1 out of every 3 hours?

      Or to put it another way, you have to work through April of each year without a paycheck and then from May through December you can get paid. Is that not horrible????

    • My opinion is that the government should stay out of it and let the free market work and salaries will be adjusted automatically according to value.

      If you are a professional, making an above average salary, and feel you are not being taxed enough, I encourage you to send more of your money to the government.

    • If I were in the higher tax bracket, I might whine a little about high taxes, but I'd be incredibly grateful for all the extra money I'd be making.

      Again; I'm very grateful, in a sense, that I'm in the 25% tax bracket and not the 15% one. I also think that the tax system is a lot fairer to me than it is to folks in lower tax brackets.

      35% tax isn't horrible. Historically, it's a great deal. How could I complain?

    • Tax cut DID go to hard working people or as you classified them, POOR. I know many Hard working people who benefitted from the tax cuts and they sure aren't rich. There may have been some rich people who benefitted more but I don't know of any. I didn't benefit as much as my Daughter/son in law and Son/Daughter in law. And rightly so as their pay scale did not equal to mine. However, I was able to retire early.

    • Bet you would sing a different song if you were in the higher tax bracket!Yeper, sure bet!

    • OK, you're a bigot. How conveniently you leave out the republican currently residing in the whie house as being King of entitlement spending? Can you say Medicaid Bill? How about bush creating a huge new underclass in this country by refusing to protct our borders and kicking open the mexican floodgates?

      AND, if you get dittos from pouv, you must be an idiot

    • "That's because police and fire get paid big $ and earn lifetime retirement and medical by age 50. Wonder how many COP workers can look forward to that deal. "

      yeah...try high tech, lol. 2 weeks severence when they lay you off if you work for a good company.


    • That's because police and fire get paid big $ and earn lifetime retirement and medical by age 50. Wonder how many COP workers can look forward to that deal.

    • "
      Exactly. Let's reward hard-working people with tax cuts. Give them to the firemen and police officers; I think they work a lot harder than just about any professional, but don't always get paid as much"

      i think police officers and especially firemen are fairly rewarded for the job they do and the prerequisites to perform that job....of course reward is not only financial, but respect, days off, job satifaction, etc.

      i know many, many places have WAY more applicants than openings for firemen.


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