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  • great_stox great_stox Apr 6, 2007 11:17 AM Flag

    Do you trust Russia?

    Sakhalin is a totally different story. I suggest you to study the history and conditions of that deal before making any conclusions. Don't trust what you read in the Western press off the hand.

    In case of COP Putin himself blessed its involvement with Lukoil. It's a great story for COP. In part, that's why I bought 1000 shares of COP because I knew I'd be buying into a great Russian company, too.

    BTW, the Russian economy and stockmarket are booming big time. Look at MTL, MBT, VIP, WBD, ROS, CTCM, TRF, etc.

    • Great Stox,

      Thanks for the suggestions. I particularly noted the dividend for TRE. Has this been sustained over a period of time? --- which is to say, will it continue? I noted that all of the Templeton Emerging Market funds carry sizable dividends. This has been a well kept secret, at least from me. Any comments would be appreciated.


    • OK. I was there and I have my own opinions. But, perhaps you know something more then I. Exactly how is the Sakahlin islands "different"?

    • Russia wants asset swap, not just US$ to buy a share in their energy asset. IMO, COP gave them refinery, gas stations in eastern eruope. As fas as I am concern, they can buy up all the retail gas stations, selling by COP in US. If they do, you can stop pumping gas from 66/76 if you want to buycot them.

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