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  • bird_calls_rar bird_calls_rar Feb 26, 2009 5:44 PM Flag

    Obama Tax Schemes Killing America

    These Transfer of wealth taxes are all part of Socialism

    It is time for us to take America Back and start Impeachment proceedings on this Lying thieving Terrorist Obama

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    • Please transfer of wealth?? why don't you look at the numbers before you flap your gums.

      Top 1% made 9x bottom 90%
      Top 0.1% made 21x bottom 90%
      This ratio stable since after WWII

      Since 1979
      top 1% make 21X bottom 90%
      top 0.1% make 70X bottom 90%

      an astounding generational transfer of literally trillions of dollars from nine out of 10 Americans to the superrich.

      Let's also factor in that the top 0.1% pay a much lower effective tax rate than most americans and we can see where the real transfer of wealth has come.

      The only people who cheared for the emperors new clothes were
      1. Those that sold the him and thus the public the clothes
      2. The fools in the public who thought they were smart and rich if they saw the clothes.

      That's what I see on this board a bunch of fools stammering over the emperors new clothes.

    • Wall Street has it figured out...finally!!!

      Obama trying to bankrupt America and blame it on Capitalism...

      The truth is the opposite...dems are vying for decades of power via a new deal...problem is we have to have a depression to make it work!!

      Impeach Obama!

    • Your correct,his "CHANGE for AMERICA" is all out socialism. I wonder if this man has ever taken an economic,accounting or finance class in his life?

    • He is just the puppet of George Soros, we all know he wants the US to go into socialism as the meglomaniac rich get more control. Soros is pure evil, and you can almost guarantee he and his minions are behind most of the late day selling.

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