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  • pualy41canada pualy41canada Mar 2, 2009 6:13 PM Flag

    If Bush Were Still in Office the Dow Avg would now be 6000

    and still dropping..

    Obama hasn't yet spent a dime yet and you're blaming the fall on him. This is the run out from Bush's castration of the US economy.

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    • Obama doesn't spend any money. It is against the constitution. Harry & Nancy spend the money. Obama is just their errand boy that signs papers he doesn't read before going to watch the wizards or watching Earth, wind & fire.

    • The problem/blame is neither Bush nor Obama though Bush contributed to it and Obama continues to contributing to it. The problem is the Democrats controlling congress. The Democrats passed the legislation creating the mortgage mess. The Democrats controlled the TARP legislation. The Democrats have controlled this recent trillion dollar mortgage of our future. Wall Street is saying that they have no confidence in the future.

    • If your standard is Geo. Bush then the metric is very low...Obama is either helping the situation or he isn't..It isn't credible to keep blaming someone else. He's had since November to work a market credible plan out...the Bush dministration cooperated FULLY with Obama form the second week of November forward..the results are not encouraging... My summary..
      1. A minority group lightweight...
      2. Pushing thru an agenda that will alienate the people who make real jobs in this country...and promote policies that empower the lame and useless...
      A very BAD mix...

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      • Blame? No, not a blame game. Those who are criticizing O'Bama for the current market are dead wrong.

        The current administration's proposed policies haven't been implemented, not a single dollar has been spent other than Paulson's (Bush's) original tarp. We are still wading through Bush's mess and will for some time.

        As someone watching the US economy from a different vantage point, it was obvious your work force and assets were being sold down the river by your corporate leaders and government.

        How could you send your best manufacturing to China and India and expect your homeowner class to pay for ever increasing house prices? If your population was losing good paying jobs how could they continue to remove equity from a bubble in real estate to pay workers in other countries for consumer goods? And forget about the war in Iraq which sucked out a trillion in capital from your treasury without a dime being returned. What happened to that Cheney promise that the war would be paid for with oil. That's pretty funny..

        Now you want to blame all this on OBama? Makes no sense to me.

    • Ya got a point there. But its the fear of what O'bama might do versus the certainty of what Bush couldn't do. He was a lame duck for the last two years. But I agree that he ran the country in a hole that we are just now finding out the depth of. Had the atmosphere of free market capitalism been tempered with a little honest regulation we might have a different story today.

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