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  • sciotrader sciotrader Jun 27, 2009 2:13 AM Flag

    Global Warming...MY A$$!

    The weather is actually getting COLDER!!!!!!!!!

    It is snowing in places that haven't seen it in 75 years!

    and another place in OVER 100 YEARS

    Wait till this'll be freezing your butts off.

    Get ready for that NatGas spike coming!

    Obama and the socialist Dem's party are gonna take this country down a FINANCIAL RUN PATH.

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    • It has more to do with certain investment banks who have really expensive lawyers (and so they're going to remain nameless) and their desire to blow yet another bubble and steal billions more from the taxpayer. Get ready, you're about to get phucked one more time, but only if you have a car or use electricity.

    • Here's the thing... do you want to be in debt to some guy with a headscarf, an AK-47 telling you that he now owns your town, city, state or country, or do you want energy independence? I want the energy independence!

      I want the wind-power, the solar-power and the geothermal plants. I want to run my car on domestically produced fuels that don't contribute to CLIMATE CHANGE (not Global Warming). I don't want colder or hotter weather. I don't want rising ocean levels (perhaps you'll dispute this one)... But I certainly don't want the dollars I spend on energy to go to Islamic terrorists! They say that the drugs that Americans buy on the streets fund terrorism? Well how about that 93 Octane you're putting into your gas-guzzling Escalade?

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      • How does gasoline produced somewhere else and imported in the U.S. help prevent global warming (or change whatever you choose to call it)? And if global warming was so important why aren't the other energy industries getting the same crappy credits as the oil manufacturers?

        But that's all besides the point- we just can't afford it, especially during the toughest recession post the great depression.

      • Cap and trade is just a cleaver way for the tax and spend Democrats to raise taxes on everyone. They have fooled you. The poor will be hit the hardest by cap and trade. Everyone in America will have a lower standard of living because of the Democrats.

    • LOL....that is why they quit calling it Global (or Gorebal) Warming... is just Climate Change.

      I am a petroleum geologist, the one thing that we do know FOR SURE...the Earth's climate has always been in a state of change. Always has and forever will be changing.

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      • Yep, totally agree. I am a petroleum geologist as well, have studied Milankovich theory (e.g. your reference on constant change of Earth's climate), and in particular the counter "Convenient Truth" Gorebal Warming theory based in present day meteorology science that strongly supports your statements below. More and more scientists are coming forward to counter the snowball effect Gorebal / Obamal / Pelosal global warming cap and trade being shoved down our throats, but these scientists are not given a fair shake, and are being ignored. IPCC is too well funded (and too arrogant on top of it), and has too many left wing politicials in their back pockets as their results are largely based on left wing funding.

        Let your voice be heard in the 2010 midterms. Vote the meek minded, go with the flow libs out. All they want is change for the sake of change, and NOT because its right or based on fact. They are letting their power go to their heads.

    • I googled "arctic sea ice coverage" today and it turns out that the 2009 season has more arctic sea ice than the last 5 or 6 years. The reduction in arctic sea ice has often been cited by the global warming crowd as "proof" that CO2 is evil. I hadn't heard anything about this summer's sea-ice coverage in the news lately and now I know why: It doesn't fit with the global warming thesis anymore.

      The only reason I bring this up on the COP page is because these wackos in congress are hell-bent to destroy the very industry that makes our current life possible. And there are few provisions to stop foreign refiners (or LNG importers, for that matter) producing their stuff in a basically non-regulated environment (can anyone say "China") and exporting their product to the U.S.A and putting the VLOs and CHKs and the COPs out of business. What crap. I can only hope the Senate will put the Kabosh on this horrid bill.


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