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  • hairybutt00 hairybutt00 Aug 20, 2009 4:13 PM Flag



    Anyone, please can you tell me why COP is sooo much cheaper that CVX XOM OXY RD BP TOT???? I used to trade in this puppy sometime back then went back to school and gave up trading for a while. I have been following it for the last 3 weeks but the stock hasnt done much rather than move in a band between 42 and 44. Thanks in advance.

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    • More exposure to natural gas than the others. This is seen as an opportunity by some, me included as NG recovers in 2010. That leverage should really propel COP once gas starts moving upwards.

      Balance sheet is nowhere near as strong as XOM and CVX in particular. Long term debt has risen quite a bit thanks to Mulva and overpaying for acquisitions e.g. Burlington.

      COP may be the third or fourth largest integrated major in the U.S. but I don't think management is respected like their peers at XOM, CVX, RDS-A and BP.

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      • <<<as NG recovers in 2010>>>

        I have a smallish position in COP, but do not necessarily share your opinion about gas recovering, by much, in the next few years. What are you basing your NG recovery on?

        There are too many NG rigs sitting idle, and too many places to drill just waiting on a rise in prices. Even with a rise in demand, supply can quickly rise to meet whatever we need.

        I wish I were more optimistic about NG price right now as a significant portion of my income is from NG production...but we have been too darn good in finding the stuff in the last few years.

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