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  • hillaryclintoon hillaryclintoon Jun 30, 2010 11:37 AM Flag

    Grannybones monster dividend lists

    Knowing the correct price to pay for a good paying dividend stock which also has a long history and adequate resources is the key to a happy profitable future. I have made a short list of stocks which show the different amounts that a stock will pay out in dividend and the comparably price that the stock “should be” trading at on average.. Naturally stock will move higher and low at any given time . But we need a good foundation to base our decision and it will be the average base price that we will use. This cut the fear factor out and we should now be able to buy or sell a stock at ease.
    Dividend payment Stock price per Share
    .09 to .12 cent per qtr. $4.14 to $5.97
    .11 to .18 cent per qtr. $8.12 to $9.77
    .20 to .30 cent per qtr. $10.00 to $ 18.00
    .35 to .50 cents qtr. $18.50 to $27.50
    .55 to .75 cents qtr. $29.00 to $ 34.00
    .80 to $1.10 qtr. $36.00 to $45.00
    Now if your stock price doesn’t match the dividend payout on this chart your stock is either over price and will go down or is under price and should go up.
    Here a list of some under price stock with upswing potential. That will bring in good earning over time. Very stable.
    Capstead Mortgage Corporation (CMO) currently trading at $11.34 should be a $21.00 per share.
    Hatteras Financial Corp (HTS) currently at $29.47 should be at $47.00
    Whiting USA Trust 1 (WHX) currently at $17.45 should be at $21.00
    Nordic American Tanker (NAT) currently trading at $28.67 should be at $32.00
    Other under value stocks with big dividend are ticker (NRT) (MSB) (RWT) (FRO) Redwood Trust (RWT) has the most upside potential coming in early 2012
    Now there are some over value stock that are paying dividends with the down side potential this would be ticker symbol (SJT), (MVO), (MTR) Look like this week these stock came back into compliance with a lower share price so to speak and is approaching the buy in price. Read the latest comment from Grannybones.
    Being old and elderly is very hard especially if you have to live on just Social Security. I really enjoy seeing my big dividend check each and every quarter. I was lucky enough to have a chance to invest early enough on these nice stable value stocks. Ticker Symbol; (WHX) (HTS) (NAT) (RWT) (NRT) (FRO) (MSB) (HTS) Buy these stocks and you can enjoy life and go back relaxing in your easy chair. See You Later!

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