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  • a_voice_of_reasoning a_voice_of_reasoning May 12, 2012 12:36 AM Flag

    Lemme get this right Crammer...

    Shares remain cheap at 8.2x forward 2013 earnings (well below the five-year average of 10.2x) with the 4.9% dividend yield and its a sell or dead money after the "unlocking" you spooged all over yourself about?

    How is he any different than Tokyo Joe?

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    • Wait a little bit and I'm sure Cramer will be hitting the buy buy buy button again. I've seen this pattern time and again, back and forth with him. He's a lemming, he goes with the hot sectors. Right now the energy sector is out of favor among investors.

      Sometime within the next year or two the energy sector will be in favor again because of a stronger economy, middle east tension, etc. and then he'll be screaming how most of COP's E&P assets are located in stable parts of the world and its time to buy buy buy.

      The problem is that the price will be 20 percent higher than where its trading now when he hits the buy button.

    • Cramer hit the dividend with a quick pump just before xdiv date he bought huge into the stock then dumped it all walking away with an easy 1.5% in a couple of days if not more. There will be more swooping in for the 18th date to sell just after settlement.

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      • Next BIG leg DOWN will be after the artificial pump of the divident whores by the end of next week couple of settlement days for some... enjoy your fantasy for a few days!!!!

      • Looks like someone got nailed playing the short game.
        Too bad they do not understand how the market works. Doing some actual research and investing for the long run instead of the get rich quick scheme you will find long term success.
        Just another investor who will claim their minor successes on investing skills and their major failures on someone else. Funny how they both affect the same person, and that person is you. Is that called stupidity. Maybe your best course is to invest in Bank CD's.

        Have an interesting day as you fight your way to make such a decision as we know at least for you it is very difficult. Please understand that not making a decision is also a decision.


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