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  • snthsnth1 snthsnth1 Jun 6, 2012 3:48 PM Flag

    Burning millions of years of dead plants was a really bad idea afterall...


    How could that ever be a good idea?

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    • "How could that ever be a good idea?"

      Actually, for the past 5,000 years it's turned out to be of great benefit for humans. And it's still the most cost effective means of energy for the world. If you think that nuclear is the way to go, talk with the people who experienced Chernobyl or the tsunami in Japan. If you think that solar energy is the wave of the future, show us where it's actually a viable source of energy on a large scale.

      Oh yeah, you're going to bring up global warming and climate change. I was just reading an article about how climate change killed off the greatest prehistoric civilization in India, one that existed 4,000 years ago, when human influence on the climate was zero. And yeah, I know the dinasaurs were killed off by climate change too. Those prehistoric Indians and dinasaurs were just burning too much gasoline.

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      • Solar is probably one of the long term solutions. The problem is that the lower cost solar is not efficient and the high end (where multiple clors from the spectrum are turned into electricity, like on a satelite) is cost prohibitive. Howevewr, human ingenuity will eventually get it right. Problem is we are a long way from that point and just becasue tree huggers want it, does not mean it will happen in the near future.

        The other problem is storing solar produced electricity. Same problem. We need a real break through and not just trying to make existing batteries better. The laws of physics pevent existing batteries from making any great leap forward.

        In the mean time we continue to do what we do and try to efficiently use existing resources. Without fossil fuels no city of any size can exist. Rome was the first city of 1 million and was powered by water and grain. In order to do that they need to conquor the entire area where the water came from and expand the empire into grain producing areas. London in the 1850's was the next city of 1 million and relied on coal. Coal replaced wood. In England prior to using coal they were in the process of cutting every tree down on the Island. When you think about all this you know why we use oil & gas.

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