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  • snthsnth1 snthsnth1 Aug 2, 2012 9:18 AM Flag

    Why do more dems than repukes believe in global warming?


    Why is that?

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    • That's actually pretty good. But there's at least one more factor at work. At this point will the drought conditions and wildfires burn so many trees every year that your idea is unworkable and things get steadily worse?
      Also, to stop those idiots from cutting down the rainforest we would probably have to send military force. Haha!

    • The control freak decocrats with their restrictive zoning laws and their fascist EPA would probably fine you a million bucks for planting a tree without licensing and approvals.

    • I am growing a pecan orchard and I have been planting for 6 yrs now and the trees should live 80 to 100 yrs. so I won't be around to sell them. maybe my great grandchildren

    • That's great as long as you're not selling your wood to the home fireplace market. As long as the dead timber is burned the trees have no net impact on the environment.

    • Your asinine question makes me puke.

    • hwhx: I agree with you 100%. The Republicans are right and the Democrats radicall wrong. Just like they are on a lot of other issues.

    • Weather is CYCLICAL !
      I'm a geologist and I can assure you that
      from the study of geology it is very apparent
      these cycles have repeated time and time again since the beginning of time.

      The global warming craze is a leverage tool
      used by the left wingers to help gain control
      over our country. It is only one facet of the
      plan for those that push for ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT ! The old ultra rich money of this world is behind it. They own the FED, the federal reserve bank is NOT a government controled bank. The same people that own/ control the FED own major interests in the
      main MEDIA. Put the pieces together, it's not
      hard. Obummer works for them, along with his
      other agendas. The repub and dems are pawns in
      the game, neither are purely evil but many on
      both sides are.
      Watch what they do, not what they or and especially what the media says they do.
      Please save us Jesus. All my humble but educated opinion.

      • 2 Replies to hwhx
      • Not sure if cyclical is the right definition because it gives the idea that their are regular cycles caused by the same phenomenon. Actually climate change can be caused by a number of things in part or in combination. Even an event referred to as the little ice age has not been completely explained and it only ended around 1850 and was preceeded by an unusual warming period that allowed the Vikings to colonize the artic region and sail to North America. Sun Spot activity has been accused plus the earths orbit is not uniform or the tilt of the axis. To further complicate things Volanic activity, especially in conjunctio with one of the other events can excentuate the temperature change.

        There is an interesting thing I did come upon. The NA Indians used to burn the undergrowth. In fact the Pilgrims complained that after disease wiped out many of the tribes that you could no longer walk freely thru the forests. Early Dutch sailors had reported huge fires that could be seen at night way out at sea. It is possible that this did contribute to some warming and after it stopped dropped temperatures as CO2 was sucked out of the air by reforeatation.

        The tree huggers don't have a clue - that is the only positive that i can see.

      • LOL the new world order was a papa Bush thing!

        and its comming

    • I believe you are referring to man-made global warming.
      Can't speak for others but for me it is the same reason I believe in Astronomy NOT astrology.

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