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  • jkwelli jkwelli Aug 26, 2012 10:01 AM Flag

    No Taxes Released, No Vote. Can't trust him

    Presidential candidates going back decades, including Mittsy's own father, have release 10 years of tax records.

    Mittsy proudly said that he paid at least 13% in taxes WHILE WORKING at bain capital. We are not talking dividend tax rate here. We are talking about carried interest loopholes that allowed Mitt to pay 15% in taxes on income OR LESS while other hardworking people in the US earning over 200K were paying 34% tax rate.

    If this guy can't release his tax records then he doesn't deserve one vote.

    What is he trying to hide?

    I don't trust him.

    Refusing to release his tax records marks him as someone that does not want to be accountable to the American people.

    I don't want another Nixon.

    I will give him the benefit of a doubt and ASSUME that the reason he won't release them is because he only paid 13-15% in taxes on income from HIS JOB years ago.

    However, I can't help wonder if there is anything else hiding in there, like more offshore accounts, or even illegal activity.

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    • mcmsbm Oct 1, 2012 6:18 PM Flag

      Obama, who won office fighting Bush's tax program, has now accepted it as his own... He signed the bill... the current tax program is Obama's... And Obama added to it by reducing FICA taxes... So Obama now uses positions he cirticizes... and you "trust" him? ... Obama's motto... "What? Me worry"...

    • It was clearly explained why Mitt paid only 14% in taxes.

      He claimed the 47% as dependents!

      Get a life people! Talk COP please. Serious political discussion over at the MO board, they need your input.

    • I don't trust your kenyan god.

    • dewandastephens Sep 21, 2012 10:13 PM Flag

      Hey Fool, Mitty released his taxes today. You and the rest of the liberal bunch at Yahoo now have a chance to pick them to hell and back. How much did you pay in taxes last year? Better yet, how many shares of COP do you own? 1-2 3 or none is my guess. How much did you give to charity last year? 0%? How much did you pay in taxes last year? Just jacking your jaws as usual! As I said before, you knew who you were voting for before you posted your CS message. As for as the idiot that posted the reply that this is a" finanical board "and to keep politics out of it...I agree but get some balls and "really you want me to do that to myself?". As Clint said " get some baseballs" It apperars you have none since you are an investor and don't want others to speak out while you hide away. You are gutless! YOU are a WIMP! A bigger idiot than the one who posted the original message. As George said " bring it on" BOYS!

    • well I guess you won't be voting as Obama has not released records for school or birth certificate as he stated in his bio he was born in kenya and on his applications for school aid, and hasn't released records for fast and furious. what is he hiding He eliminates national prayer day for christians then bows down with the mus lims

    • McCain only released two years of tax returns. Obama has many ties to corruption with Tony Rezko and Romney has a stellar record of honesty and integrity. You want old time political corruption in lieu of honesty and integrity. Romney did not release to keep the message on track. It is not about his taxes but about the direction of the country.

    • One of the reasons he probably doesn't want to release more of his tax returns is that he is a very private person and gives, I believe, about 15% of his income to his church and charities. Roughly 3 million or thereabouts? Pretty much effectively reduces his real tax rate a bit, don't you think? Believe it or not, there are a lot of people with true character who feel their charitable contributions are a private thing and not to be flaunted.

      Contrast that with many who believe that President Obama doesn't release his school records because he applied as a foreign student, which would add flames to the fire of questionable birth. Now, I believe he was born in Hawaii, but it is entirely possible he used his foreign passport to be accepted into college and that's why he spent so much money to keep that information private.

      Frankly, I'm ashamed of the President's campaign to date. A far cry from the "Hope and Change" of 4 years ago. I was cautiously optimistic when he was elected, but have been sadly more than a little disappointed at both his performance and his attitude. His policies are destroying our economy, our foreign policy and any hopes for my grandchildren to ever know the America I grew up in.

      Furthermore, people who use derogatory terms in any discussions of our political candidates says a lot about their personal lack of integrity or intellect. On EITHER side.

    • dewandastephens Aug 29, 2012 9:05 PM Flag

      You was voting for Obama anyway so cut the #$%$ and move on!

    • You trust Obama who wouldn't release his fake birth certificate for over a year, still won't release his college grades, and this doesn't even get into what he has done while in office (flat out lies)?

      Sentiment: Buy

    • This is a message board for COP investors not a forum for a political campaign of attack and blame. Please go away!!!!

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